Sylvia and I had a bit of a disagreement yesterday. All is well, I have to say, but this made me realize that we should never take things for granted. Sylvia has had seven straight weeks of 40+ hours of work a week. She was over in Europe for almost two weeks prior to this seven week work stretch. She was reaching her limit. I knew she was tired, but I don’t think I realized HOW tired she was. She has worked hard since the day I met her, but this was different.

We got things worked out, we really just needed to clear the air. She slept for a little over 10 hours and her work schedule shouldn’t be as hectic from this point on….shouldn’t be, but you never know.

I love Sylvia so much, and I need to be more observant and take better care of her! She takes very good care of me when I am tired or sick! We had a nice dinner out tonight and just had some chocolate cake together! I am getting ready to head to the back and start getting ready for bed. I can’t wait to cuddle with her tonight and talk about our day. Here is to a good nights sleep!

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