Nighttime Routine

I was unsure of how to title this, but I think Nighttime Routine will work. Sylvia and I have this routine we do each night. Now, each night is not exactly the same but there are four things we say to each other each night, besides the “I love you” we say to each other. On a good night, we are both home and in bed around 9:30. We will lay in bed and cuddle. We talk about our day and what we have for the next day. Sometimes we are tired and just lay there. I might rub her back for a bit. I always have her scratch my back and if she isn’t home to do it, my back seems even more itchy! Right before we turn out the lights one us will start with one of our four sayings that we say each night. Each of us ends up saying each of these sayings. They are “I will see you in the morning. I will see you in the middle of the night. I am here if you need me. I hope you can sleep.” We don’t say them in any particular order, but we always say them. Even if I go to bed before Sylvia, because she worked late and has more work to do on the computer. She will come over and give me a kiss and we say these four things.

Now, my gall bladder issues really tested the “I will be here if you need me”, because I did need Sylvia MANY nights until my gall bladder was removed. We have added to this saying. Now we say, “I am here if you need me, but I hope that you don’t”. I then say, “but if you do, please wake me up”, because she helped me SO much when I was in pain before the doctors figured out it was my gall bladder.She also adds “but I hope you don’t” when she says “I am here if you need me.”

This may sound silly to you all, but I love that we do this every night. We really try hard to cuddle each night, but sometimes life gets in the way. We try hard not to let it, but having our routine.

Finding Time

I have to go back to work on Monday! I have had two weeks off and have really enjoyed them, but even with the time off, I still feel like I didn’t get enough time with Sylvia. She still had to work the week before Christmas, but was off this week. However, this is one of the few times that she has NO students and NO other work that has to be done so she wants to just stay home. This is fine, but she doesn’t like to watch TV with me and she wants to chill out and have some time to herself. Again, this is fine with me, but then I am home and don’t have much that has to be done so I want to go and DO something. I took Ethan off to a museum this past Wednesday with my niece. It was a lot of fun and we got ice cream afterwards. Yesterday, we took down Christmas decorations and then Ethan and I went to the library for a while. I don’t mean to complain, because we have had time to nap a few times and we have even been able to sleep in to 8:00 several mornings. I really would have liked more cuddle time at night and more time for love making (OK, I said it, I wasn’t sure if I could). When we are both working, we climb in to bed and just want to sleep. I know that “quantity” is not important, but it doesn’t help when you go several weeks with no intimacy in the bedroom. It wasn’t a complete bust, we did have some time over the break, but it still seems like it has not been enough. We have both been skipping periods and that has allowed for more opportunities, but then today her period showed up. Sorry if this is TMI, but with two women you have twice the luck of having a period nix any chance of love making. I do enjoy being able to sleep in and cuddle in the morning. I enjoy cuddling at night too, but sometimes I just wish for a bit more…maybe I am being greedy and selfish….maybe I just enjoy how close I feel to her when we make love. I will always love her, no matter what! I am getting ready to head to bed and look for some cuddle time!

Keeping busy

It has been a busy few weeks, but not TOO busy. I am mystery shopping a bit on the weekends and sometimes after work during the week. I am also cooking and trying to clean more (I hate cleaning). Sylvia is staying very busy working, but we are trying to find time together. We had a bit of a argument last week, but things are good now. It happens. Ethan is doing well in school and Jack comes home every other weekend. Sylvia and I are taking Ethan to camp in a few weeks. We will drop him off at camp and have two nights to ourselves and one full day of shopping!! We like to browse more than buy, but her birthday is coming up so I will look for something on our trip. I am taking time to relax though and watch my shows. Sylvia and I are both walking and watching our calories. I have been walking over 10,000 steps a day! Work is going well and I am enjoying working with a diagnostician on some assessments. I have even done a few assessments on a few kids and written a report!

Just checking in with you all and letting you know life is good. I am busy, but not as busy as I was during grad school. In fact, Sylvia told me SHE is not used to be coming back to bed so early (9:00 pm) because I was usually working on school stuff and would stay out of the bedroom until at least 10:00 or so. She has had to get used to me not having school work at night!

Body Heat

sweet jesus

The first time I saw this picture about spooning I couldn’t stop laughing. I found Sylvia and showed it to her and she thought it was just as funny. I absolutely love cuddling with her, but she gives off enough body heat to warm a small city. This is true even in the 100 degree summers we have, when I just can’t cuddle with her for more than about 10 minutes, if that! We love the winter, because it is actually COLD and we can cuddle for longer, but even then I can only cuddle for so long. I swear there are times in the middle of the night, when she spoons up behind me that I think I see STEAM rise up between us. I sleep with one small sheet to cover me and she sleeps with a heavy duvet, so my body temp is generally lower than hers. There are some nights where it does get cold enough for me to be under the duvet with her, but at some point, I eventually throw that off. I am exaggerating a bit, but there is some truth to all of this. Since seeing the photo above, we now laugh when I say “Sweet Jesus, your body heat is going to melt me” or something like that. We laugh and tease and continue to cuddle for a bit, and then I eventually do have to say “Sweet Jesus, I mean it this time, I have to get out from under the covers and cool off a bit”, to which we laugh again. She never complains about me being too warm, UNTIL last night. We were both very tired last night from New Year’s Eve. I woke up around 1:00 to go to the bathroom and she also made a visit to the bathroom. When she returned I put my hand on her back! This is something we both do instead of cuddling, because we both know I can’t do the heat. Well about 2 minutes after I put my hand on her back she says, “Sweet Jesus, move your hand, I am melting.” Well, I had to laugh and so did she! We talked for a few minutes and laughed about how SHE now knows how I feel! We both thought it was crazy that it was just my hand that brought on this reaction from her. I am sure it will happen again, we are both close to menopause!

Our Weekend Vacation

Sylvia and I got a weekend vacation last weekend. We dropped Ethan off at camp on Friday afternoon and then our vacation began. We stopped and had a wonderful dinner and then headed to the hotel. We spent Saturday shopping and we even managed to go to a state park and see the sights. We have been in this area before and stopped to eat lunch at our favorite cafe. After eating lunch we did some more shopping and then went back for PIE! We stopped at a chocolate shop and bought some truffles. We found a new restaurant to try on Saturday evening and really enjoyed our meal. We took some dessert back to the hotel room but stopped to do some more shopping before heading back. We got up Sunday morning and had a nice breakfast. We then went to the camp for the closing ceremony and to pick up Ethan. He had a great time at the camp and we had a great weekend. We will go back again next year and see some more historical sights and visit some of the same places. It was a quick weekend, but we had fun. It gives Sylvia and I a chance to spend some quality time together. We had been saving our money, and this made the trip even better. We didn’t stress about how much we were spending and we had a good time! Summer is coming and I won’t be working, and that provides us with more quality time. I do have one grad school class starting in July, but only ONE! Ethan will be going to high school next year and I will have my last semester of grad school, with an internship. Life will get busy, but we will get through it!

Snow Day

We will all be home tomorrow due to sleety and ice on the roads. Right now we don’t have anything on the roads, but it is expected to hit in the middle of the night. I am glad that we know there is no school tomorrow, so we can sleep in. We have two weeks until Spring Break and we are all ready for the break, so this is sort of a nice break before Spring Break. Sylvia has been working a lot of late nights and work has been crazy for me. We did go out with friends last night to eat dinner and then to a dance. We had a blast! Grad school is going well and I am way ahead in both classes. I may spend tomorrow working on a power point assignment that I have! I would love to finish early and be done with the semester by early April! I am going to head back to bed now and KNOW I can sleep in! It is definitely COLD out there and I can’t wait to cuddle with Sylvia!

Another Semester of Grad School

I started my fourth semester of grad school last week. If you count the one summer session, it would be five semesters! I should graduate in December of this year. The classes are interesting so far, and the assignments don’t seem to bad. There will be a LOT of typing going on to submit assignments and participate in discussion boards, but it is doable. Sylvia is still cooking new meals almost every night, or we are eating the yummy leftovers. Right now I am focused on grad school, my job and of course Sylvia and the boys. Sylvia is very supportive of my grad school and the time it demands. I am making time for Ethan each night, by sitting with him to watch TV and chat. We also have a snack together. Sylvia and I are also trying to make sure we have our time together. Jack was home for the three day weekend and it was good to see him. Overall things are going well! Work is a bit hectic but I am still enjoying being back in the classroom. I hope to keep blogging every few weeks, if grad school doesn’t overwhelm me!


Sylvia and I had a very nice time at our friend’s party last night. We met some new people and ate some good food. We got home around 1:30 and went to bed, with NO alarm set! Jack was still up when we got home, but Ethan was fast asleep in bed! We all slept in this morning to about 8:30. Jack didn’t get up until almost noon, but we had no real plans for today so we didn’t think it was a big deal to let him sleep in. We had a nice breakfast and just hung out at home. Unfortunately, my left shoulder and shoulder blade were really bothering me. Sylvia helped by putting one of those hot patches on my shoulder and I took some pain medication. She still takes very good care of me! We even got a nap in later and I think we both slept!

This should be a very interesting year for us! I should be graduating with my masters in special education next December. I will have an internship in the Fall and I am not sure how that will work, but I know my director will work with me. Ethan will start high school in the Fall, and that is SO hard to believe. I worry about this transition. Jack will stay at the technical college in the summer and attend a summer semester. This will allow him to graduate in May of 2016. It will be very strange not to have him home this summer. I will take one course in the summer, but it will be a short 4 1/2 week semester! We are taking Ethan back to the special needs camp in April, so we will get another short weekend vacation together! We are planning on having a new front door put in over Spring Break. I am sure there will be many other things to come in 2015.

I sat tonight and read over the blog posts from the first year I started this blog. Sylvia is in bed and I am up watching football (my team is losing and it isn’t looking good so far, so I may head to bed) and so I thought I would read back on some of those first posts. I still love Sylvia now as much as I did then, but I need to make sure I show her more. I still don’t want to take her for granted. I still want to make her as happy as she makes me, unfortunately the stress of LIFE sometimes gets in the way and harsh words can be used. I need to put my phone down more and really listen. I am going to talk to her in the morning as we lay in bed and cuddle and let her know that I want US to stay strong and that I will try harder. I don’t think I have done anything wrong, but sometimes people can become complacent in a relationship and take their partner for granted. I won’t let that happen and the first step is to be aware. The second thing I am going to work on is spending more time with my boys and one other thing I really need to work on is to LOSE SOME WEIGHT. Lastly, if same sex marriage is legalized in my state, I want to marry Sylvia.

What does 2015 hold for you?

New Year’s Eve

Sylvia and I are going to a friend’s house tonight for a party to celebrate New Year’s Eve. We usually go to the women’s dance each year, but most of our friends are out of town or just aren’t going so we decided to go to the party. Plus the dance gets VERY crowded on a night like tonight, and we don’t want to deal with that. Jack is in from college so he will be home with Ethan. The party doesn’t start until 8:00, so we won’t be leaving early! We are very punctual people, but we have found that when it comes to parties most people are a little late!

All of the Christmas decorations are down and we are planning on just staying home tomorrow! Alabama is playing in the Sugar Bowl tomorrow night, so I will be watching some football. I go back to work on Monday and Ethan returns to school. Jack will be home until late next week, and then he will return to college and start getting ready for the new semester to start. Sylvia is off running errands right now! We have slept in most of this week, and that means until about 8:00, which is late for us. We are usually up at 5:45. I have enjoyed the “boredom” of the last few days. We have taken naps and laid in bed to cuddle in the morning. Part of me is ready to get back to work and the other part of me is not ready for the constant RUSHING that comes with work, grad school, kids and my honey! I just never seem to have enough time for everyone, but I make time! Once grad school gets started and I see how the semester goes, my anxiety will lessen.

Hoping Sylvia gets home soon. We need to take a nap if we are going to survive until midnight tonight to ring in the New Year!

And So It Begins….

I am taking one grad school class this summer and it starts on June 3rd. The professor sent out an email with a welcome message and the syllabus. My textbook arrived today, and the geek that I am, I have already read the first chapter. There will be one test a week over two chapters over five week. I have one project, one discussion a week and a journal I have to write in each week(or type in Word). Overall, it seems doable! It is on Human Development, and I have read up on a lot of this in previous classes. I sort of like the fast pace of it though and if I can get ahead then it will be rather easy. My last day at work is June 6th, so I won’t have to worry about being at school working all day. I can devote the time I need to this class. Jack graduates on June 7th and we are having a huge party for him afterwards. It will be all family, but we have a lot of family. I also plan on working on lesson plans for the next school year. I am going back in the classroom and I want to be prepared! Can you tell I like staying busy! I have slowed down on my second job too and Sylvia and I making time to cuddle! I love cuddling!

Oh and I got an A in the one class I thought I would get a B in….so straight As!