Nighttime Routine

I was unsure of how to title this, but I think Nighttime Routine will work. Sylvia and I have this routine we do each night. Now, each night is not exactly the same but there are four things we say to each other each night, besides the “I love you” we say to each other. On a good night, we are both home and in bed around 9:30. We will lay in bed and cuddle. We talk about our day and what we have for the next day. Sometimes we are tired and just lay there. I might rub her back for a bit. I always have her scratch my back and if she isn’t home to do it, my back seems even more itchy! Right before we turn out the lights one us will start with one of our four sayings that we say each night. Each of us ends up saying each of these sayings. They are “I will see you in the morning. I will see you in the middle of the night. I am here if you need me. I hope you can sleep.” We don’t say them in any particular order, but we always say them. Even if I go to bed before Sylvia, because she worked late and has more work to do on the computer. She will come over and give me a kiss and we say these four things.

Now, my gall bladder issues really tested the “I will be here if you need me”, because I did need Sylvia MANY nights until my gall bladder was removed. We have added to this saying. Now we say, “I am here if you need me, but I hope that you don’t”. I then say, “but if you do, please wake me up”, because she helped me SO much when I was in pain before the doctors figured out it was my gall bladder.She also adds “but I hope you don’t” when she says “I am here if you need me.”

This may sound silly to you all, but I love that we do this every night. We really try hard to cuddle each night, but sometimes life gets in the way. We try hard not to let it, but having our routine.

Our First Trip to the ER

Sylvia took me to the Emergency Room yesterday morning. We are both experiencing symptoms of pre-menopause….skipping periods, sweats at night, and for me cramps. I haven’t had cramps since I was a teenager. The last few times I have had a period, I have had cramping, but this time it was to the extreme. It started a week before I even got my period, which was a week late. My period arrived, and the cramps got worse. I stayed home from work a week ago Friday and my family doctor gave me some pain meds. They worked, but the cramps were never really gone. Fast forward to this past Thursday and I was home again. The cramps were keeping me up at night and I couldn’t sleep. Even with the pain meds and a heating pad it was awful. I woke up around 4:00 am on Friday morning and could not go back to sleep. I was in tears the pain was so bad. I woke Sylvia up around 4:45 and asked her to take me into the ER. This was not an easy decision for me, but the pain was horrible.

We woke Jack up and he was put in charge of getting Ethan to school. He was concerned and he stepped up and did a good job while we were gone. We arrived at the hospital and we were taken back to a triage room as soon as we got there. There was only one other patient there besides us! The doctor said it was good I came in because it could be my pancreas or my gall bladder. They took blood and got all of my information. No one asked who Sylvia was, so I finally told the person taking down all of my information. No questions were asked about her being my wife and it was handled just like we were a heterosexual couple. We had always wondered if it would be, and it was.

My bloodwork came back and there was no infection. Everything looked good and the doctor said I was healthy. He said to follow up with my gynecologist. I had talked to them on Thursday and have an appointment for Monday. That was the soonest they could see me. The doctor did give Tylenol with codeine so I took that when we got home (Oh, I did get morphine while at the hospital). I slept pretty much all day yesterday. I took one more tylenol with codeine in the afternoon and then some ibuprofin later. I slept 10 hours and woke up feeling better today. However, I have still had minor cramps and needed some ibuprofin. The cramps have gotten a little worse this evening so I think I will be taking a tyleonol with codeine here in a bit.

Sylvia took very good care of me this whole time. She held my hand when they had to take blood out of the top of my hand….the veins in my arm always roll. She made me go to bed and she took care of Ethan when he came home from school. She even made sure he got to bed on time. Jack was home when we got home from the hospital and was happy to hear all was well. He went off to work and when he came home he helped Sylvia.

I hope to get some answers as to what is going on this coming Monday.

I Can’t Sleep

Sylvia travelled to Europe last Tuesday and I haven’t slept well since. Of course, it doesn’t help that this was also my first week back at work and I have had a million things running through my brain. It also doesn’t help that Jack will be leaving for college in less than a week. The bed feels so empty without her there. I wake up and can’t go back to sleep. The only reason I am even falling asleep at night is because I am exhausted. I have been sitting through meetings, trainings and trying to prepare my classroom. I wrote lesson plans at 5:00 yesterday morning. I was up at 4:30 this morning working on some lessons. I did lay down for a 30 minute nap yesterday, and I am sure I will need one later today. Ethan starts school tomorrow! He will be in 8th grade. Grad school starts tomorrow too! I hope I don’t just fall over from exhaustion before she gets back. Sylvia returns in three more days, not counting today. I have three more nights without her. I can do it, right?

Headed to Bed!

I am getting ready to head back to the bedroom to get ready for bed. I am so glad that Sylvia will be there to cuddle with me. I am so happy to have her in my life. I love cuddling with her. I will give her a back rub and we will settle down and go to sleep. We both had a long day today! Life is good!

She Works Too Hard!

Sylvia is really working a lot of hours these days. She doesn’t want me to share what she does, so I won’t, but she has more clients than she can almost handle. Of course, there are times, when she doesn’t know if she will have enough clients, so having too many is a little nice. The bad thing is, she overworks herself and is over tired. This makes it hard on both of us. Of course, there are times when I am overworked and our roles are reversed. I rub her back at night and try to not add stress to her day, but I sometimes do even when I am trying NOT too! I guess that is just how it is when you love someone. I asked her to try to slow things down if she could and she agreed that she would. I was glad to hear it! I want to take care of her as well as she takes care of me. I miss her when she works late, but we take the time to cuddle at night and in the morning. Sometimes we just hold each other and drift off to sleep and don’t talk. I like that and so does she!

She Keeps Me Warm at Night

OH how I love to cuddle up with Syvlia on a cold winter’s night. We fit in each others arms so well. She keeps so warm at night that I actually do SWEAT a little! I don’t mind though. She likes to sleep under the duvet and I don’t like as many covers. At some point she ends up covering me up at night and that is when I sweat, but it is worth it to be under the covers with her. She wraps herself around me and keeps me safe. I wrap myself around her at other times, but I swear I don’t do as good a job as she does. We enjoy our cuddle time in the morning too. I am so glad she is in my life.

Relationships are hard, but worth it!

Sylvia and I had a bit of a disagreement yesterday. All is well, I have to say, but this made me realize that we should never take things for granted. Sylvia has had seven straight weeks of 40+ hours of work a week. She was over in Europe for almost two weeks prior to this seven week work stretch. She was reaching her limit. I knew she was tired, but I don’t think I realized HOW tired she was. She has worked hard since the day I met her, but this was different.

We got things worked out, we really just needed to clear the air. She slept for a little over 10 hours and her work schedule shouldn’t be as hectic from this point on….shouldn’t be, but you never know.

I love Sylvia so much, and I need to be more observant and take better care of her! She takes very good care of me when I am tired or sick! We had a nice dinner out tonight and just had some chocolate cake together! I am getting ready to head to the back and start getting ready for bed. I can’t wait to cuddle with her tonight and talk about our day. Here is to a good nights sleep!

Just Four More Nights!

Just four more nights, counting tonight, until Sylvia comes home! It is already tomorrow where she is! I am SOOOOO ready for her to come home. We talked twice today and texted several times! I am avoiding going to bed though, because I hate going to bed alone. I also steamed cleaned the boys’ rooms and the den today just trying to keep busy. Almost time for bed here in a bit, hope I can fall asleep!

First Week of Summer!

This has been our first week of the summer. I am off for the summer, although I do work a side job that I can schedule as I like. The boys have a few doctors’ appointments, but nothing to keep us too crazy. Sylvia and I have enjoyed sleeping in this week and by sleeping in, I mean to about 7:30 or 8:00! We are usually awake around 6:00 am during the school year and then UP around 6:30 or so! Ethan has been waking up around 7:00 and has learned to be quiet and Jack sleeps in as late as I will let him!

There are a few mornings where we do have to GET UP and MOVING, but not as early as 6:00. I have a three-day workshop next week and have to be out the door by 8:00 each morning! Jack is going to babysit Ethan, with some help from Sylvia. I am paying Jack, so hopefully he will do a good job! Sylvia will be in and out with her work. She steps in when needed!

The summer will go by fast. I am taking the boys to see my mom in a few weeks. Sylvia may come, if she doesn’t have to work and I will drop her off to see a friend of hers! She is welcome at my mom’s house, but hanging with my mom is just not her thing. We usually take the boys to the movies and do some shopping! Other than that, I think we will enjoy sleeping in and staying up a little. Just not having to get UP and ready each morning at the crack of dawn is a vacation. Having Sylvia to cuddle with each night and morning makes it even nicer!

Taking the Time!

Sylvia and I have really enjoyed our summer. I am off from teaching and even though she works full-time and I work part-time(as much or as little as I want), we have enjoyed having time together. I am home a lot during the day and on some days she is too. Yesterday and today we had time to nap in the afternoon. We set a timer for about 30 minutes and lay down together. We both find it easier to relax and sleep when the other is around. We then lay together and chat for a bit when it is time to wake/get up.

Next week is going to be hard on both of us. I go back to work on Tuesday and will be tied up in four days of  meetings. At least I can sneak texts in during those meetings. I am sure we will MAKE time to chat on those days. The first two to three weeks of school are a crazy time too, but we both have promised to each other that we will make time to be together….to catch up, cuddle, chat or do whatever we need to, to stay connected. Neither one of us is worried. It is something we just both want to be aware of!

I enjoy my time with Sylvia so much!