Three More Weeks!

Ethan and I have only three more weeks of school and then we are OFF for the summer. Well, I will still be doing mystery shopping and then I start my summer grad school class on July 7th, so I am not totally OFF, but I won’t have to wake up at 5:35 each morning!! Jack is in a vocational program and his new semester started this past Monday. He has a full 15 week summer semester so he will be off at school all summer. Of course, he is HOME this weekend to be with his girlfriend for a banquet she is attending, but he won’t have his typical summer off! He will get two weeks off between the Summer and Fall semester, and then be back at work!

The professor for my practicum class emailed the class to tell us the requirements for the class. We will be using several IQ and academic assessments that we need access to through the school district that is allowing us to do our internship. My special ed. director has already approved me working within the district to complete my internship and I checked with the testing coordinator and we have all the assessments I need access too. Now, I won’t be testing kids at school (unless they have an evaluation due and I will be working with another diagnostician), so I will have to recruit nieces, nephews, my brother and sister-in-law, Ethan, Jack, and any other adult or kid I know to test. Anyone want a FREE IQ test?? I have to administer each test so many times, and it will be good practice! I have to get 160 hours completed within the school district, but that shouldn’t be difficult. I will be out of the classroom starting next year and back to the role of the Lead Teacher running my department. I will be running IEP meetings and working with other districts on how to best serve the students. Let’s just say, I am ready for this change. I will miss being in the classroom, but I am ready for this. It will be a CRAZY semester to say the least, and I am hoping Sylvia and I can survive it. She is so supportive of this path I chose to follow. She encouraged me to go back to school! I just have to be sure to give her the attentions she needs. She is so much more giving than I am in some ways. I can get so self centered, but I am working on it and at least I realize that I do it. My work is one of my passions though! At least the summer won’t be TOO crazy!

Ethan starts high school next year, so that will be ANOTHER big thing for next year. Hopefully it will be a smooth transition and he won’t have too many issues. His issues add to my stress at times. He has grown up a LOT in the last few years, but he still has a LOT more growing up to do!

Counting the days…..12 1/2 actual SCHOOL days LEFT and then SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


She Listens

Sylvia is busy working tonight so Ethan and I went to get some dinner. He had earned some money, so he got his wallet and we were going to run by Target on the way home. We eat dinner and then arrive at Target. Well, he can’t find his wallet. We had sat through some HORRIBLE traffic to get to Target after leaving the restaurant. Of course, this isn’t his fault, but I wasn’t in the mood to deal with a lost wallet. He looked all over in the car, but couldn’t find it. I had asked him to put on a pair of shorts (yes it has gotten warm in Texas again) with pockets and he hadn’t done it. Then he suggests that maybe it fell out at the restaurant. We drive back there, IN TRAFFIC, and it isn’t there. I am NOT HAPPY about the wallet or the traffic. Let’s just say it has been a long week and I was hoping to have a stress free night. Ethan only had $6 so it wasn’t a lot of money, but I am not replacing the money. He is 14 years old and he has got to learn to take care of his stuff…and that includes cash. Well, Sylvia texts me after we get home that she is heading to her next student. I call her and just VENT. She listened to it all and this helped so much. She always listens when I need to talk. I do the same for her. She doesn’t judge me and tell me that it is silly to get upset about the wallet. I am just ready for Ethan to grow up a little. He is starting high school next year and is no where near ready. Jack wasn’t easy either, but Ethan always has something going on. It is just never ending it seems with all of his issues. Being the parent of a special needs child is NOT easy. I am thankful that Sylvia has stuck with me for four years and I want to marry her one day. I love her even more because she is such a help as a second mom and as a support to me!

Old Stuff/New Stuff

I am officially done with grad school for this semester. I actually finished about three weeks early and now I am just waiting for my grades! I hate waiting! Sylvia made it to the dentist, but the antibiotics had done their job, so the dentist wasn’t sure which tooth was causing the problem. She will have to wait until it acts up again before going back in to get it fixed. So, that is an update on the old stuff.

The new stuff….well we had an IEP meeting for Ethan to discuss his behavior. I asked for more assessment from the LSSP and for a behavior specialist to come in and observe him. We will meet again some time after the New Year to discuss how to better assist him at school. Jacob will be home for Thanksgiving and then home again for four weeks over the semester break. He is hoping that his girlfriend will come with us to my mother’s house for Thanksgiving Dinner. He is registered for next semester and so am I! I should be graduating this time next year….YIKES!

We don’t lead an exciting life, but we like it. We have a one Christmas party and one New Year Eve’s party we plan on attending. I just plan on staying warm this winter and cuddling up with Sylvia.

What’s Up with Us?

Sylvia and I had a great time in Brenham. We did a lot of browsing and a little shopping. We did find one of the coolest gas stations. It is called Buc’ees and it has EVERYTHING! We bought T-shirts, divinity, blackberry pie in a jar, and MANY more things. They had a whole case of beef jerky! Ethan had a great time at camp too! He is growing up so much.

We came home to everyday life. Sylvia is working a lot seeing students and I continue teaching. I am really enjoying being back in the classroom. Grad school is going well. I should be done with one class in three weeks, which is about three weeks early. The other class will take a few more weeks, but it is under control. Jack is liking college. His financial aid FINALLY came in. All of his college bills are paid and he has enough for daily expenses to last him through the semester. It was definitely a relief that it came in. He was home last weekend and is home this weekend to go to the Homecoming dance with his girlfriend. I am glad to see he has a social life!

Sylvia and I will celebrate our fourth year together on Oct. 31st! We plan on going out to dinner next week. It is hard to believe we have been together that long. Thanksgiving and Christmas aren’t too far away now!

Jack is HERE!

Jack actually got home before I arrived home from work. I wasn’t expecting him to leave from college until 4:00 and be home around 6:00. Well he talked to his afternoon professor and since he is ahead in the class, the professor told him he didn’t have to stay. He left at 2:15 and was home by 4:15!! This was his first trip home since he started school and his first time to drive home ALONE.

Jack actually texted me yesterday morning and said “Thank you for having me pack the nebulizer. I needed it last night!” Of course, then I had to find out what was going on and why he needed it. He said his allergies were really acting up and his inhaler just wasn’t helping like it should. I called the pulmonologist and got them to call in some albuterol nebulizer meds and new nebulizer kits (this is the stuff you put the medicine in to make the mist). I had stopped on the way home to pick up the meds and neb kits, which turned out to be new nebulizers, when I got a text from Jack that he was home!!!

I arrived home and got a BIG hug! He said the cats were excited to see him and they were really happy to be back in his room. Ethan had gotten up this morning asking if Jack were coming home, so I think he had really been missing Jack. Jack even said he texted Ethan to tell him that “big brother is coming home today.” OH HOW SWEET is that! Jack’s girlfriend finally arrived and they were happy to see each other. She stayed for a few hours and then left for home. Sylvia got home a bit later, and Jack went looking for her to give her a BIG hug. He then talked with her for a bit.

I talked to Jack later about his allergies and how he was feeling. He did a breathing treatment tonight and will do three a day until he goes back on Sunday. I want him to continue them until the cough is gone. I even had Ethan do a treatment, because he has had a little cough too.

Jack has to clean up under his bed and get his laundry done tomorrow. His girlfriend will come over tomorrow evening and they will watch Ethan, while Sylvia and I go out to eat and to a dance. We will then hang out on Sunday and then he will go back to college. I am glad he made it home alone and am very glad he is liking college!

Jack is coming home!

Jack is coming home on Friday! I have seen him since August 30th. He has been kind enough to answer my texts and phone calls, which occur daily. Now, I don’t call everyday, but I do text. He even replies with more than one word sometimes. SHOCKING, I know. I can’t wait to see him. I’ll have to make all over him with kisses and embarrass him, but that’s what moms do. I had to go and FedEx him his school ID that came in the mail. He needs it to sign in and out of a class. I am not sure what all of that is about, but I told him I would overnight it to him. However, he has to pay half of the $28 it cost to send it.

The poor cats have been acting so lonely lately. I know they miss all of us during the day when we are gone, but I think they are beginning to really miss Jack. I wonder if they will notice him when he returns. Cats are such funny creatures.

One Less Person in the House

Yesterday was the big day. Ethan and I moved Jack to college. Jack followed me down to the college in his car. Both cars were pretty filled and we were ready to go! He did a pretty good job following me. This was his first time to really drive alone in a car for 2 hours on the highway. He was a good “follower” and I made sure he was always back behind me. We stopped and grabbed lunch when we got there and then went and got his wireless set up for his apartment. We also stopped and got his books. His financial aid will come in, in about 30 days and he will be paying me back for these expenses.

The REAL fun started when we went to check in at his apartment. Things went smoothly and we got his keys. He has a key to the front door and a key to his room. It is a four bedroom and each boy has his own room that locks. His key wouldn’t work. IT IS A LONG story, but lets just say THIS wasn’t easy. It took three trips to the office and a maintenance man installing a new door knob to get it fixed. We at least got it open so we could start unpacking. DID I mention it was HOT! AFRICA HOT! I was melting. I drank a TON of water, but kept moving. We got his desk put together and one of his roommates cousin’s helped us finish it. Ethan and I finally went and got dinner. We brought Jack back some food and checked out his progress. After a few hugs and some tears, Ethan and I started home. I called him as we got closer to home and he had his router set up and his wireless was working. He seemed good on the phone.

We texted this morning and he was up at 8:00. He had already showered and was on his way to the grocery store. He is a hard kid to read. He cried a lot on Friday night. I think he is just afraid of the unknown, but aren’t we all. I told him that I would always be here for him and he could always call me. I told him he is on a great adventure and that he is going to do AWESOME. It isn’t hard to let go, but I know I had too. I’ll be here for him as will Sylvia!

Last Weekend

This is my last weekend before I return to work. It is also the weekend before Sylvia leaves to go to Europe for eight days. Oh, where has the summer gone! I start inservice week on Monday. OH, how I hate sitting through meetings. I went up to school three times this week to work in my room and work on schedules. On Tuesday, Sylvia leaves! She is driving herself to the airport since I have to be at work. She had to plan this trip around a family function. A week from Monday, Ethan starts 8th grade, I begin my first day teaching elementary AND I start my semester of grad school. Two weeks from tomorrow, I will help Jack move into his apartment to start college. The school is only two hours away, so he isn’t moving too far, but still, my first born is leaving the nest. Sylvia returns a week from this Wednesday. Needless to say, it is going to be a crazy few weeks in this household. Thankfully, Ethan will go and stay with my mom from Wednesday evening until Friday afternoon. I hope to take him swimming next weekend, since that will be HIS LAST WEEKEND! I am really thankful that Jack will be around to assist with Ethan, since I have to leave earlier than last year to get to work.

I hope we survive the next two weeks. Sylvia and I are going out to dinner this Sunday….all by ourselves!

Update on Grad School and the Coming Summer

I am now officially done with my Spring semester of graduate school. I got an A in my Educational Research Class and a B+ in my Adaptive Behavior Analysis class. I may end up with an A in the second class if the professor decides to give me the two points I need, but I am not going to ask her for them. I made a 100 out of 100 on my big project for her class and I was thrilled with that. I had one C on a test and that is where I lost the two points. Oh well, I guess I can’t have all As. I am now 1/3 of the way through graduate school. I am going to take one class this summer, that starts on June 1st. It will be a 12 week course that is crammed into 4 weeks, so it will be a FAST June! I am still planning on being all finished by December 2015!

I also have to help Jack do a few things to get ready for college in the Fall! He has to go down to school and sit through a financial aid seminar. We want to take a look at what his apartment will be like ands see what all he needs and look and see what businesses are in the area. He really needs to get a job! I am hoping to spend some time with both boys this summer. Thankfully, Ethan still likes to hang out with me, even at 14! Jack has his own things he likes to do, but hopefully he will want to do a few things with me. I also want to make time for Sylvia. Sometimes we stay too busy and we both really need to slow down. It does look like I will be back in the classroom next year, which means I will be really busy at the beginning of the year. I am hoping to get a lot of things prepared over the summer, so maybe I am NOT too crazy busy! We don’t have any big vacation plans, but I am sure we will do a few things that we enjoy!

Busy Day!

Today has been a busy Saturday for us and will continue to be busy. Actually, it hasn’t been too bad. I didn’t schedule any mystery shops for today and so I have the day “off” from any real work. Ethan and I went to a Tourette Syndrome Support Group Ice Cream Social this morning and we ate a LOT of ice cream. We first ate an early lunch at 10:45 AM and then met everyone at the park. Ethan played at the playground, even though he is 14, he is still very much a kit. I sat and talked with other parents. The ice cream came out and we all ate. I think I had three helpings, but it was melting and we just couldn’t have that.

We got home around 1:00 to find Jack eating lunch. He had run up to the store and picked up the corsage he ordered for his prom date. Ethan and I cleaned house a little bit and now he is playing on the iPad and I am playing on the computer. Jack will have to start getting dressed for the prom some time after 4:00. The hardest part is going to be keeping CAT HAIR off of his tux. We have one white cat that SHEDS all over the place and I really don’t want him going to prom with cat fur all over him. We will meet his date and her parents at the city park in downtown that has a gazebo to take pictures. They will then go out to eat and then go out to eat. The prom starts at 8:00, so they have plenty of time. Jack doesn’t seem nervous, but I think he is. My mother is coming over to partake in this adventure and then Ethan is going home with her. Sylvia and I are going out to a friend’s house to celebrate her birthday with several of our friends. We all get to have a fun night.

Ethan is excited to spend time at his grandma’s house, where he is spoiled rotten. Jack is going to prom and then Sylvia and I get a night out. I can’t wait to see Jack and his date all dressed up. I am going to be taking a LOT of pictures!

What are y’all doing tonight??