Nighttime Routine

I was unsure of how to title this, but I think Nighttime Routine will work. Sylvia and I have this routine we do each night. Now, each night is not exactly the same but there are four things we say to each other each night, besides the “I love you” we say to each other. On a good night, we are both home and in bed around 9:30. We will lay in bed and cuddle. We talk about our day and what we have for the next day. Sometimes we are tired and just lay there. I might rub her back for a bit. I always have her scratch my back and if she isn’t home to do it, my back seems even more itchy! Right before we turn out the lights one us will start with one of our four sayings that we say each night. Each of us ends up saying each of these sayings. They are “I will see you in the morning. I will see you in the middle of the night. I am here if you need me. I hope you can sleep.” We don’t say them in any particular order, but we always say them. Even if I go to bed before Sylvia, because she worked late and has more work to do on the computer. She will come over and give me a kiss and we say these four things.

Now, my gall bladder issues really tested the “I will be here if you need me”, because I did need Sylvia MANY nights until my gall bladder was removed. We have added to this saying. Now we say, “I am here if you need me, but I hope that you don’t”. I then say, “but if you do, please wake me up”, because she helped me SO much when I was in pain before the doctors figured out it was my gall bladder.She also adds “but I hope you don’t” when she says “I am here if you need me.”

This may sound silly to you all, but I love that we do this every night. We really try hard to cuddle each night, but sometimes life gets in the way. We try hard not to let it, but having our routine.

Finding Time

I have to go back to work on Monday! I have had two weeks off and have really enjoyed them, but even with the time off, I still feel like I didn’t get enough time with Sylvia. She still had to work the week before Christmas, but was off this week. However, this is one of the few times that she has NO students and NO other work that has to be done so she wants to just stay home. This is fine, but she doesn’t like to watch TV with me and she wants to chill out and have some time to herself. Again, this is fine with me, but then I am home and don’t have much that has to be done so I want to go and DO something. I took Ethan off to a museum this past Wednesday with my niece. It was a lot of fun and we got ice cream afterwards. Yesterday, we took down Christmas decorations and then Ethan and I went to the library for a while. I don’t mean to complain, because we have had time to nap a few times and we have even been able to sleep in to 8:00 several mornings. I really would have liked more cuddle time at night and more time for love making (OK, I said it, I wasn’t sure if I could). When we are both working, we climb in to bed and just want to sleep. I know that “quantity” is not important, but it doesn’t help when you go several weeks with no intimacy in the bedroom. It wasn’t a complete bust, we did have some time over the break, but it still seems like it has not been enough. We have both been skipping periods and that has allowed for more opportunities, but then today her period showed up. Sorry if this is TMI, but with two women you have twice the luck of having a period nix any chance of love making. I do enjoy being able to sleep in and cuddle in the morning. I enjoy cuddling at night too, but sometimes I just wish for a bit more…maybe I am being greedy and selfish….maybe I just enjoy how close I feel to her when we make love. I will always love her, no matter what! I am getting ready to head to bed and look for some cuddle time!

Still Going Strong!

My relationship with Sylvia is still going strong. We have had a nice few days and we are looking forward to the holidays. I was so tired last night and as we laid in bed and talked, I drifted off to sleep. Ethan woke up before us this morning but he played quietly and let us sleep in. We laid in bed for a bit talking and cuddling. All I will say is we had some good loving going on this morning! It was a nice way to start the day.

Sylvia and I cuddled after our love making and I touched her chest as she touched mine. That is our connection to each other. We are so connected and that is why our love is so strong. We make sure we stay connected by cuddling each night and morning. We make sure we talk things out if there are small issues, so they don’t turn into huge issues. We talk and talk a lot, but also give each other our own space when needed.

I wish I could explain my connection to Sylvia in a better way….I guess you all will just have to take me at my word.

Things I like!

We will be celebrating our one year anniversary on Monday! Yes, on Halloween! It is hard to believe that it has been a year. I thought I would list the things I like most about being with Sylvia!

1. I like that we cuddle at night before going to sleep. It brings a nice close to our day and keeps us well connected.

2. I like that we set our alarms to go off earlier than we need to so we have time to cuddle before we have to actually get out of bed. On the weekends we may spend up to an hour in bed before we get up!

3. I like that we take care of each other. I have never really had anyone take care of me like Sylvia does. She wants me to be happy and if I am not feeling well she jumps in and takes care of me and if needed the boys so I can rest. I try my best to take care of her too!

4. We talk and we talk a lot. We chat during the day by phone and text. If the other one is tired and doesn’t want to chat right then the other understands that. We like talking.

5. I like our family. Sylvia has turned into a great stepmom. I never imagined meeting anyone who could be so good with the boys.

6. Love! I like the love! I am overwhelmed at times by how much I love Sylvia and I feel how much she loves me in her words and in her actions. We have a true connection.

7. Making Love and Intimacy–enough said.

8. I like that we aren’t clingy. We love being together, but we do our own thing at times.

9. I like the trust. I trust Sylvia and she trusts me. We have never given each other a reason to doubt the other. Trust is important to us both.

10. I like that we work it out. We don’t stay mad. We love each other too much.

I may think of a few more things, but for now these are the things I truly like about my relationship with Sylvia.

Our Visit to Ikea!

When Sylvia moved in she brought her duvet with her. A duvet is like a comforter but it is covered with an outer shell. The cool thing is you can change the covers and they aren’t too expensive. When she moved in she only had a duvet for a twin size bed so we have been needing to get another one. We finally found some time last night to travel to the Ikea store in our area!

Once you get into the Ikea store it is hard to get out without spending a lot of money! We had some money in savings to spend on these new linens, so that made it nice to shop and have the money. We found the inner part of the duvet pretty easily. We finally found the covers and after looking through them we decided on two patterns and also on a red blanket  and two pillow shams. Well once we decided on that we then needed to get two pillows!WE also decided to buy some new towels, hand towels and wash clothes. Overall it was a really fun shopping trip and we got some really nice stuff!  We even ate dinner at the Ikea restaurant!

We came home and got our bed all made. It looks really nice. I worked on both bathrooms this afternoon getting rid of some old worn out towels so that we can put in our new towels.

We made love under our new duvet last night! I think we were both on an emotional high from our shopping trip and it made the love-making even more intense! Oh, how I love her!

That Feeling, Again!

Sylvia returned home yesterday from being gone for two nights. We spent some time just lying in bed yesterday afternoon and talking. It was so nice to have her home! My mom was in town so Ethan and I ran to meet her for dinner. Sylvia was tired from her drive so she decided to stay home and Jake just didn’t want to go.

Ethan and I returned home and I soon got him to bed. It was 9:00 by the time I got him in bed though so Sylvia and I were not too far behind him in going to bed. We lay in bed talking and then soon started kissing. I had started to make my move when she turned the tables on me and soon had me on my back making her move. I don’t know any other way to describe it without sharing too much. I am just not one who likes to share those kinds of details.

I didn’t mind that Sylvia made this move on me, in fact, I rather liked it. It is a little bit of dominance without being too hard-core. When I climaxed last night, it was such an overwhelming feeling. I felt so much love and felt so connected to Sylvia physically, mentally and emotionally. All I can say is it was “that feeling” that connects me to Sylvia. I held onto her and didn’t let go. She held me and we talked after a few minutes. This connection is so strong that Sylvia and I have. It is something that I have only experienced with her. It is something that I never want to give up. I love her so much!



Which do you prefer?

Sylvia and I were laying in bed the other night cuddling. We had just finished making love and we were enjoying the cuddling and talking. I mentioned that I was still amazed at how much I had enjoyed making love to her. I believe I have mentioned this in other blog entries. She then posed this question to me, “Which do you prefer more…making love to me or me making love to you?”

You would think that would be an easy question to answer, but it wasn’t. It is two totally different experiences. I never doubted I would enjoy the right woman making love to me. Who doesn’t enjoy someone touching them in all the right place. Granted I was nervous about that person being a woman, because I had never been with a woman, but I assumed it would be a good experience. I believe  was more nervous about ME making love to a woman. I mean, I knew the mechanics of it and figured I would learn more about it, but I didn’t know it could be such a wonderful experience.

So, how did I answer Sylvia. I told her I enjoyed both and for different reasons. I really don’t have a preference. There are times when I feel the need to make love to her and other times that I feel the need to be made love to by her. Both are wonderful experiences and I always feel so close to Sylvia after each experience. She was satisfied with my answer.

She then asked what I felt when I make love to her. NOW that was hard to answer. There is a physical connection that I enjoy, but a lot of it is the emotional/mental part of it. We talked and she got it.

It is nice that we can discuss these things and these talks bring us even closer. We slowly drifted off to sleep in each others arms, after our talk. I have never slept so good!

Painting Our Bedroom!

Sylvia and I got two walls of the bedroom painted. We both had a busy day, but I was home before she was so I got it started. I had to vacuum a few corners and all of the baseboards. Oh my they were dusty. I also took down the drapes. They have been in that room since I moved in back in 1994 and it was just time for them to go. We will be using blinds for now. 

The room already looks great. We had measured some furniture at her house and I think it will fit nicely into the bedroom. We also want to look at some night stands to go on either side of the bed.

This is another step to Sylvia moving in!! We are planning on trying to get the room finished by Friday and looking for furniture on Saturday!!

4:51 on a Sunday Morning

Sylvia and I had a wonderful night last night. We ate dinner and got my youngest to bed around 8:00. We soon went to “bed” but we didn’t sleep! We were asleep by 10:30 and we were hoping to sleep in to at least 7:30! My youngest usually woke up before us, but he would make his own breakfast and play the Wii!

Well, I awoke to a banging on our bedroom door. I had no idea what time it was and Sylvia was not too happy. I finally get to the door, not really dressed, and my youngest says…..”I can’t get the waffle out.” I tell him I’ll be right there and get some clothes on. Sylvia then says, “It is not even 5:00 yet!” Again, she didn’t sound too happy. I went out and had a talk with my son about how to knock on a door to get MOM and helped him get his breakfast. He had gone to bed early the night before because he had been sick. He looked better and his cough seemed better, thankfully!

I returned to bed and Sylvia says, “It was 4:51 when he knocked on the door!” I climbed back into bed and snuggled up with Sylvia. We lay there talking and tried to go back to sleep! However, sleep would not come so we made love.One of the cats then decided he wanted in, so I had to go and give him a talking to at the door. Sylvia laughed at me for trying to psych him out making a spray bottle noise and then having to catch him and throw him back out. I love her laugh. Soon after that we fell asleep in each others arms and awoke around 7:30. She had to work today so it was good we woke up because she realized she had forgotten to set her alarm.  We took a shower together and then made  a wonderful breakfast and she left for work.

Sylvia teased my son that she would wake him up at two in the morning the next time she woke up early.He thought that was funny.  He told us he was sorry for waking us up so early.  Thankfully he doesn’t do this most mornings and usually not that early! I am glad that Sylvia understands about my kids. We both know one day both boys will grow up and that they won’t live with us forever…we hope!


I have never been a good sleeper, not even when I was younger. I would get in bed and starting thinking of all of the things I needed to do the next day or some problem I was having.  I purchased a white noise machine so that the sound might help me fall asleep and it does help. I take melatonin to help me sleep and even tylenol PM at times.

Since I decided to date women and especially since I have started dating Sylvia, I have found that I sleep so much better.  I can curl up with her in bed, still with the noisemaker, and fall right to sleep. If I wake up to go to the restroom, I can come back to bed and curl up with Sylvia and fall right back to sleep. It is SO nice! I have never slept as good as I do now. It has been a nice surprise and it truly makes me believe that we are right together.

One night we fell asleep together while we were talking. I woke up to a light on in the room and no noise maker going. I turned off the light, made a trip to the bathroom and turned on the noisemaker. I then curled up with Sylvia and fell back asleep. We discussed how nice it was to fall asleep like that, without even really trying. Just drifting off to sleep in each other’s arms.

I also love waking up with her.  We will lay in bed and chat for a bit before the alarm rings for the fourth or fifth time demanding that we get up! The weekends are especially nice, because we can lay in bed later! I am so glad Sylvia is in my life!