Busy Summer 

It has been a busy summer. I have kept my niece and nephew two days a week. We generally go on one outing and also visit the library each week. We also have some home fun activities that we do. I had three different workshops that I attended but whew I was worn out. One was three days long, the next one was two days and the last one was just one day. 

My mom had back surgery back at the end of June. She was in the hospital for four days. My SIL got her home. Ethan and I stayed with her the first four nights and then my SIL came and took over for five night: (with two kids). We have been taking shifts since then. She lives about 45 minutes away so it isn’t too bad. 

I have about a month until I return to work! FUN! Jack had something exciting happens. He had been on a few interviews and he got s job with sschool district in their Tech department. It is pretty good money. He will have to drive about 45 min one way. He is going to start saving more money so he can mo e out when he is ready. I am so very proud of him!!


Our First Trip to the ER

Sylvia took me to the Emergency Room yesterday morning. We are both experiencing symptoms of pre-menopause….skipping periods, sweats at night, and for me cramps. I haven’t had cramps since I was a teenager. The last few times I have had a period, I have had cramping, but this time it was to the extreme. It started a week before I even got my period, which was a week late. My period arrived, and the cramps got worse. I stayed home from work a week ago Friday and my family doctor gave me some pain meds. They worked, but the cramps were never really gone. Fast forward to this past Thursday and I was home again. The cramps were keeping me up at night and I couldn’t sleep. Even with the pain meds and a heating pad it was awful. I woke up around 4:00 am on Friday morning and could not go back to sleep. I was in tears the pain was so bad. I woke Sylvia up around 4:45 and asked her to take me into the ER. This was not an easy decision for me, but the pain was horrible.

We woke Jack up and he was put in charge of getting Ethan to school. He was concerned and he stepped up and did a good job while we were gone. We arrived at the hospital and we were taken back to a triage room as soon as we got there. There was only one other patient there besides us! The doctor said it was good I came in because it could be my pancreas or my gall bladder. They took blood and got all of my information. No one asked who Sylvia was, so I finally told the person taking down all of my information. No questions were asked about her being my wife and it was handled just like we were a heterosexual couple. We had always wondered if it would be, and it was.

My bloodwork came back and there was no infection. Everything looked good and the doctor said I was healthy. He said to follow up with my gynecologist. I had talked to them on Thursday and have an appointment for Monday. That was the soonest they could see me. The doctor did give Tylenol with codeine so I took that when we got home (Oh, I did get morphine while at the hospital). I slept pretty much all day yesterday. I took one more tylenol with codeine in the afternoon and then some ibuprofin later. I slept 10 hours and woke up feeling better today. However, I have still had minor cramps and needed some ibuprofin. The cramps have gotten a little worse this evening so I think I will be taking a tyleonol with codeine here in a bit.

Sylvia took very good care of me this whole time. She held my hand when they had to take blood out of the top of my hand….the veins in my arm always roll. She made me go to bed and she took care of Ethan when he came home from school. She even made sure he got to bed on time. Jack was home when we got home from the hospital and was happy to hear all was well. He went off to work and when he came home he helped Sylvia.

I hope to get some answers as to what is going on this coming Monday.

Getting Older

I will turn 50 next year and Sylvia is already 50. We are both having some pre-menopause symptoms like skipping periods and such. I have even had cramps a few times, but nothing too bad until now. I started having cramps earlier in the week and so I took ibuprofen and slept with a heating pad. I wasn’t sleeping well and was tired during the day and having cramps during the day as well. I woke up Friday morning at 3:00 am with horrible cramps. I lay in bed ready to cry so I decided right then I was taking a day off and going to the doctor. 

Sylvia was very understanding as she has suffered from cramps as well. I went to the doctor and he gave me a prescription for a pain medication with a few samples to start me off. The medication helped and I slept a bit better last night. I finally got the prescription today. It has helped but if I don’t take it soon enough the cramps overwhelm me and then I take a pill and it takes 20-30 minutes to kick in. Sylvia came back and laid down with me as I lay in bed with the heating pad. 

I just took a hot bath and I am hoping I can crash here in a bit. If these cramps continue then I am going to call my gynecologist and get in to see her to see if there are some other options. 

It sucks getting older, but it beats the alternative. 

Repairs Will Begin Tomorrow

I am sitting in a hotel room while Ethan is trying to go to sleep. Sylvia is in the room next door and Jack is at work. He will be I the room with his brother when he gets here and I will go over t be with Sylvia. He just texted that he is still at work mot is. 10:47 pm and he was supposed to get off at 10:30. We were told two weeks ago that we were getting close to having the crepairs done but we still weren’t sure when!

I started packing up the den about two weeks ago. The contractor showed up in Saturday and said Wednesday would be the day. I called the insurance adjuster on yesterday and got the hotel set up. Thankfully the one hotel in town had room and takes pets. We spent the rest of this past weekend packing up all of the pictures on the walls and getting ready. We spent the entire day today packing and getting the house ready. We are getting new ceilings and a new floor in the den. Let’s just say I worked up a sweat and took two showers today. Sylvia and I made one trip with our things and then went back for the cats. 

Let’s just say rounding up four cats to put in four carriers was an interesting experience. We then load s them up and brought them to the hotel. Poor things they have been so scared. They are now a little more assimilated to the room. They have been eating and using the litter box. Ethan has finally fallen asleep. He can’t hear a thing when he removes his cochlear implant processors and I. Think he was worried I would leave. I assured him I would stay until his brother returns. 

Insurance is paying for the hotel and for most of the meals. That is a whole other story. The hotel provides breakfast so that helps. We just have to keep up with all of the receipts. Sylvia is good at that!! We went out to eat tonight and I had a doze margarita. It was so good. We even got two desserts. 

I am going to lie here and wait for Jack. Another long day tomorrow keeping my niece and nephew. Going to take them swimming and to the movies!! I’ll keep y’all posted. We could be here 4-7 days. 

The Storm

The town I live in was hit by a severe hail storm this past Monday. The roof was already damaged from a hail storm back in March. We now have actual holes in the roof. They are very large holes. The kitchen ceiling fell down. The contractor came yesterday and put tarp on the roof and covered the kitchen ceiling. I am meeting with him again on Saturday with the insurance adjuster. We have had rain today and o am hoping the tarp does its job. It may take some time to get our house back in order. 

Way To Go Supreme Court

I am out of town visiting my grandmother and Sylvia is back at home.  We were talking this morning when the Supreme Court decision on same sex marriage came in.  We were both excited at the ruling. My grandmother and my mom then sat and watched the news for a while. 

I have also been checking to see how Texas would react. I was glad to see that Dallas county began issuing licenses immediately and waived the 72 hour waiting period. I was asked if Sylvia and I will marry. I do intend to ask her, but for now we will wait. We want to see how it will affect us financially. She works independently and files her own taxes. I have both boys to claim as dependents and medical expenses I can write off so we want to see how Federal income taxes would be affected. That may sound strange but we are “together” and don’t intend not to be. We will make it legal sometime in the next few years.  Plus it gives me time to plan a romantic way to ask her, unless she asks me first!!


plano ordinance

I live North of Dallas, TX, but not in this particular city in the flyer that was left on one of our friends doors. It amazes me that there are people out there who think protecting EVERYONE’S rights not to be discriminated against, infringes on their religious freedom. If you chose to open a business to the public, then you should not be allowed to discriminate against any person based on your own religious freedom. Many people I know have cancelled their insurance because this particular insurance company is supporting this group who wants to PROTECT equal rights. It has to be equal rights for ALL, not just for those select few that a group approves of. It amazes me in the year 2014, that this still happens.

Traveling with Sylvia!

This is the weekend of Ethan’s camp so Sylvia and I took the weekend off to bring him. We left yesterday morning around 8:30 and had our first disagreement within 30 minutes. What could we possibly argue about? Well, I was trying to download a book on my phone for us to listen to in the car and had issues. I couldn’t get it to work. As usual, we argue over stupid stuff. We quickly resolved the argument and kept driving. When it was my turn to drive she got the book on my phone going and we now had something to listen too. We laughed about our disagreement and blamed it on our periods which had arrived earlier in the week. Sylvia suggested I bring an emergency bar of chocolate to have for future road trips.

We arrived in Brenham around 1:00 yesterday and visited the Blue Bell Creamery which makes Blue Bell ice cream and other frozen treats. The tour was awesome and we ate ice cream afterwards. I spent about $100 at the gift shop. We checked into the hotel and dropped Ethan off at camp. He was so excited! It is a camp for special needs kids!

Sylvia’s and I got dinner last night and then came back to the hotel. It was nice not having anything to do! We got up this morning and after eating breakfast went shopping! Neither one of us bought a whole lot but we had fun. We ate lunch at a local restaurant and went back for pie with Blue Bell vanilla ice cream after walking some more. We got back to the hotel around 2:30 and took a nap. Oh, I forgot to mention we stopped at a chocolate store and bought truffles. We tried those out after our nap. We are now reserved and will go to dinner after a bit.

We will go to the camp at 10:30 for closing ceremonies. We will eat lunch there and head home. I can’t wait to hear all about camp.

A Night Out

Sylvia and I met friends for dinner last night and then went to a local dance. It is held once a month and is only for women. We are in our 40s and don’t like the bar scene, so this is a nice alternative for us. Sylvia doesn’t dance, but she doesn’t mind if I dance with one of our friends. There are usually about 100 women there, and sometimes it is standing room only! There is a variety of music that is played, way too much country for me, but then I sit and chat with friends. It is a place that Sylvia and I can hold hands, share a kiss or a hug, and be ourselves. I usually tease her and try to make her jealous while I am dancing with a friend. She will grin and shake her fist at me and the friend! We do it all in fun! We have conversations about gay marriage and the court system, discussions about our families and how they deal with our relationships, we tease each other and just have a good time. We plan on going again next month and again the next and so on! We will lose our babysitter next year when Jack goes to college, so we will have to make plans for Ethan, but I think we can figure things out! I

And So it Begins!

My grad school classes started yesterday. I am only taking two classes, but that should keep me busy. These classes are very different from my classes last semester. One of the classes on behavior should be interesting. The other one is on collecting data and research, and it seems a little dry. The books is hard to follow. Both classes will have pre-recorded lectures that I can watch so I am hoping that will help me.
Both classes have quizzes and tests and at least one project. I am not as stressed as I was at the beginning of last semester. I know I can do it, but I will have to study more. Some quizzes are open note and open book and I can retake them as many times as I want. Others are timed and I can only take them once. Yikes!! Y’all may see fewer postings for a while!!