When Sylvia moved in, I already had three cats. They were all young cats(and still are) when she moved in. Two of them were two years old and one was only a year old! Thankfully, Sylvia is a cat person!! This past May we were out walking and saw a family with eight kitten running around in the front yard! We stopped and talked to them and found out they were looking for homes for the kittens. Sylvia and I declined and continued our walk! However, I had fallen in love with one of the kittens and started talking to Sylvia about her.

It didn’t take too much convincing and when we asked Ethan if he would like a new kitten, he jumped at the chance. We walked back down to see the family and chose our kitten. She is a white, gray and orange kitty! Sylvia, who had taken some convincing to get the kitten, was immediately attached to her. When she came home from work, she would look for kitten and say, “it is my turn to have her!” and take her off to our room. She is the only kitten allowed in our room, with supervision because we have plants and she is spoiled rotten!

Sylvia and I consider her our baby! One of the cats warmed up to the kitten very quickly. The other two took about two weeks to warm up to her and now they are all one big family. Jack had acted like he didn’t want the kitten, or rather that he didn’t have an opinion, but he took to her very quickly. Just after we got kitten I woke up to Jack standing guard as kitten ate out of the food bowl at two in the morning. He was afraid the other cats would bother her! I can usually hear him at night as he speaks baby talk to all four cats!

Every morning, Sylvia lets kitten in and she comes in and gets all kinds of love from us! I am glad we have her and she is our kitten! Sylvia loves the other cats, but kitten is just a bit more special!


One thought on “Our Baby Kitten!

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