I have just one more week of summer then it is back to teaching! The boys have two more weeks off. The first week back is all meetings and seems SO long. I am hoping that we get some time to get organized and actually WORK.  Sylvia has had to be up early for work the last few weeks, so I have been slowly easing into that early morning schedule. Of course, the first few weeks back will be hard for all of us!

Sylvia and I have been enjoying having the mornings to cuddle and talk. Even though she has to leave a bit early, at least it is not the craziness of getting two boys ready for school. Jack doesn’t need much help, except for the GETTING UP part. He is such a teen. Ethan is good about getting up, but not patient when waiting for the bus. I have to leave before the boys do, so Sylvia helps keep the peace until the bus comes for Ethan. Jack is really in charge of Ethan, but Ethan is not always cooperative so Sylvia will step in and help out. I am thankful she has taken on being a mom to the boys and done so willingly.

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your summer!


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