When Sylvia moved in she brought her duvet with her. A duvet is like a comforter but it is covered with an outer shell. The cool thing is you can change the covers and they aren’t too expensive. When she moved in she only had a duvet for a twin size bed so we have been needing to get another one. We finally found some time last night to travel to the Ikea store in our area!

Once you get into the Ikea store it is hard to get out without spending a lot of money! We had some money in savings to spend on these new linens, so that made it nice to shop and have the money. We found the inner part of the duvet pretty easily. We finally found the covers and after looking through them we decided on two patterns and also on a red blanket  and two pillow shams. Well once we decided on that we then needed to get two pillows!WE also decided to buy some new towels, hand towels and wash clothes. Overall it was a really fun shopping trip and we got some really nice stuff!  We even ate dinner at the Ikea restaurant!

We came home and got our bed all made. It looks really nice. I worked on both bathrooms this afternoon getting rid of some old worn out towels so that we can put in our new towels.

We made love under our new duvet last night! I think we were both on an emotional high from our shopping trip and it made the love-making even more intense! Oh, how I love her!

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