I was talking to Sylvia today when someone beeped in on our call. I switched over and it was the school nurse calling to tell me that Ethan had not quite made it to the restroom and had had an accident. She asked if there was someone who could bring him some clothes. I replied,”I was just talking to my partner and she is home right now. I’ll ask her to bring him some clothes.” It felt so nice and natural to say that sentence. I didn’t even hesitate to say, “my partner,” and the nurse just listened and said “OK!”

So, I beep back over to Sylvia and explain what happened. She felt so bad for “little big boy” as we call Ethan. I directed her on where to find underwear and his school clothes. She hung up with me and took him his clothes. She called me back about 20 minutes later to tell me all was well. No one had noticed his accident and he was able to return to class. Thankfully, he was not embarrassed by it all but more sad that he was missing math. Sylvia gave him a hug for me and brought his soiled clothes home.

Sylvia does a very nice job with the boys. Jack likes to tease her about things and she teases right back. We have really become a family. She has a lot of good common sense about the boys, that I don’t always have. Tonight Ethan kept saying, “I am so hungry,” because he wanted a snack. Sylvia went over and asked if he had eaten dinner. Then asked him if he was really hungry or just wanted a dessert. He said he wanted a dessert. She then practiced with him on saying, “I want a dessert please.”

I am so comfortable right now with who I am and with my relationship with Sylvia. I feel very comfortable saying, “My partner and I….” to other people. It is a nice feeling!


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