We have been very busy for the last few weeks. Both Ethan and I finished started our summer on May 27th! Sylvia is still working and so is Jack. We do still have to get up early two days a week for my niece and nephew who come over while their mom works! Ethan enjoys playing with his cousins and we have been on a few outings having fun. I have completed two of the three days for a workshop this week that has been very interesting. I have a two day workshop next week and then that is all done! I also found out that one other hospital is covering 95% of my bills, so now I am down to just 4 medical bills. I have two doctors that I need to pay, the ambulance and the hospital that didn’t treat me correctly. I am still in discussion with them, because I got my medical records and there are NO doctor’s notes for the first visit. I just have more time to do the research now!

Ethan has a few doctors he needs to see in the next few weeks. I have met my out of pocket limit so I am going to see the eye doctor and visit my gynecologist about menopause! My insurance year starts over on Sept. 1st so I have to get in what I can now. Even my prescriptions are $0.00. Having to go to the ER seven times which included two CT scans, lots of lab work, ultrasounds, a HIDA scan and many other things is not the way to get free medical care, but it is what it is! I know most people complain about their health insurance, and believe me there are things I don’t like about mine, but I am glad I had it for this situation.

Sylvia and I celebrated one year of marriage this month. We went out to eat and had a great time. We have actually been together since the Fall of 2010, so almost seven years. I am so glad we were able to marry!

The summer is already going by so fast. My mom is having surgery in a few weeks so I’ll be helping her with that. i plan on taking Ethan to see my sister and nephew, so that will be a fun few days. I have made myself just SIT and watch some movies….which isn’t easy. I like to stay busy.

I also want to say that I am feeling SO MUCH BETTER. I know that sounds weird, but I think I finally have my stamina back since having the surgery. I am walking at least 10,000 steps. This all started about a week after I finished school.

Well, this has been a rambling post, but there was lots to share.

The Start of Our Summer

SUMMER is here….finally! Not that we won’t both be busy working. I have a part-time job during the entire year, and during the summer I work more full-time with it. It is something that I enjoy doing and I can set my own schedule. I am an independent contractor so I can work as little or as much as I want. Sylvia is still working as well, but her schedule has slowed a bit. I am taking Ethan off this coming Friday to see my sister and stay with her for five nights. Jack has a part-time job, so he is staying home with Sylvia! I don’t like it when we are apart, but sometimes it just happens. I really want to see my sister and her son and Ethan get along really well!

Once I come home, we will plan to do some things together. We may take one day for a shopping spree with the boys and maybe go to the Cheesecake Factory like we did last summer. We also want to buy a new dishwasher! Before you know it, it will almost be time for school to start back up again. I plan on sleeping in when I can and going to the movies as well as RENTING movies. I am a movie freak!

Hope you all have an awesome summer too!

Our Weekend

Sylvia and I are in south Texas with no children! We drove down to take Ethan to a camp for kids with special needs. He has Tourette Syndrome and all of the kids at this camp have it too we dropped him off around 6:00 last night and have been child free. Jack is staying with friends back home!

We had an awesome dinner last night. We found a restaurant with American and Mexican food. Mexican food is not her favorite. We had blackberry cobbler with Blue Bell vanilla ice cream. Wesley hard last night and shopped most of the day today. We found a local place for lunch and are going out to eat here in a bit.

This is our first time to travel without the kids since we have been together. We have really enjoyed our time together. We pick Ethan up tomorrow and head home. We really needed this time together. We have both been working a lot and have not had much time together!

**excuse any typing mistake! I am writing this on my Ipad!