Hospital Bills

The hospital and doctor bills started arriving towards the end of March and early April. I just paid off the two ER visits that I had back in October and November. Needless to say, I am not too happy with the hospital that sent me home twice and asked me if I was a narcotics user. I have emailed and spoken to the patient advocate. I even sent her my medical bills from the hospital that finally diagnosed my gall bladder. The last letter I got from her stated that “there was a 70% chance the pain would resolve itself and a 30% chance it would not AND you elected to have surgery”. Well, that is not what was in the records I sent her. It was actually a 70% chance the surgery would fix the problem. The gall bladder was functioning at 9.9% and to be considered normal it would have to be 38% or more. I called and spoke to an administrator to complain about the patient advocate. The advocate called me and apologized and then asked what I wanted. I told her I wanted a ZERO balance. I had sent a letter of dispute to the two ER doctors before even receiving bills from them and I have received NO bills from them…NONE. I think that speaks volumes. I have also filed a complaint with the state on the hospital and on both doctors. I paid $5 to the hospital last month and again this month. I need to call the two other hospitals. My bills were frozen since I had applied for financial assistance because I have SO many bills. I also have the ambulance ride top pay for. I sent them $15 this month and plan on sending $15 each month. I have had a lot of other small bills for labs and some of the tests, but none of those have been large bills. I’ll keep y’all posted on my hospital bill drama.