My Wife

Sylvia and I have been married for four weeks tomorrow and one month on Sunday. I have used the word WIFE quite a few times in the last few weeks, but today I used it to help her with something. Two days ago she got gas at a local gas station and then her car started acting up after she stopped at the grocery store. She took it to a local repair shop and I picked her up. They suspected bad gas but couldn’t diagnose it and suggested she have the dealership repair shop look at it. She has a 2014 Honda, so it isn’t an old car. After lots of issues with the towing company it finally made it to the dealership that night. The dealership called after a few hours and suspected bad gas as well. They said it would be ready the next day, which is today. From the very beginning she had issues with the tow company that the Honda warranty people had set up….then she had issues with the repair technician returning her calls. She had handled it all very well until this afternoon.

I was with Ethan at the library for a teen activity. She texted me that the repair tech had not called her back as he said she would and she was crying. I called her and asked if I could call the guy and find out what was going on. She said yes and so I called. The receptionist in the service department answered and I said, “My name is Maria, and I am calling for my wife. I need to talk to either the supervisor or (tech guy’s name)”. She asked for my wife’s name and I gave it to her. It took a few minutes but the the tech guy came to the line. We talked and I explained our frustration and I also said I was calling for my wife, Sylvia after giving him my name. He gave me an update on the status of the repairs and said he would get back with me within 45 minutes. I asked if I could call back in 45 minutes if he had not called and he said, “OH I will call.” He did call back after 35 minutes. Sylvia answered and he said, “I think your wife (in a hesitant voice) called me earlier and I told her I would get back with you.” They spoke for a bit and he said they needed to keep her car a bit longer, that it was still running rough and they would need to flush the system again. There had been water in her tank!! Sylvia got off of the phone and told me what he had said about her WIFE calling. Now I think I told him my name, but I really don’t remember and my voice is feminine, but maybe he wasn’t sure. Being able to say that I was calling for my wife and that WE were frustrated got the guy’s attention I think. I don’t think that we were two women got his attention, but that a SPOUSE was calling to state that their spouse was unhappy with the service she was receiving. I also think asking for a supervisor woke some people up too!

I am so happy I could help with this situation and I am glad Sylvia let me help her. We are both very independent women and don’t like to ask for help sometimes.

On the bad gas issue, we have done some research and as soon as she gets her car back she is going to file a complaint with the Texas Department of Agriculture. The repair tech said they would give us the sample from her tank to show the water with the gas. She has her receipt to show that she had bought gas from this particular shop and the repair bill. We are hoping we can get the station to pay for the repairs, but I have no idea how all of that works. We will have to just figure it out, but we will do that together.