I Have to Say!

I have to say that this semester of grad school has been a lot easier than I thought it would be. I panicked a little the first two weeks, wondering what I had gotten myself into, but since then things have been fine. I was done with the majority of my work two weeks ago, and as of today ALL of my work is done and two weeks early. I have actually turned in all of my work in one class. The other professor prefers you wait until the week that the assignment is due to turn it in. The work is just waiting to be turned in. I have registered for my classes for the Spring and will start those on January 15th. At least now, I know what to expect. I am hoping that the next two classes go as well as these two did.

The boys and I are out of school all week. Sylvia has to work some, but many of her students are traveling, so she will have a bit more time off. We are going to my mom’s to eat on Thursday. Jack has to work that day, but he doesn’t seem to mind. He actually has 22 hours this coming week and is looking forward to the paycheck. I do have a few mystery shops this week, but nothing too bad. We may get some ice on Monday morning, so we may all be stuck at home that day!

I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!

Valentine’s and Birthdays

bday Valentine’s Day is this week and I have Sylvia a little something and a card. We don’t believe in spending a LOT of money on Valentine’s Day. I can’t say what I got her, she reads this blog, but it is something edible! Her birthday is exactly ONE week after Valentine’s Day. Now, I love buying gifts for her, but I just NEVER know what to get her. She and I are both very practical people. We don’t believe in spending a lot of money on jewelry or other extravagant things. We are pretty down to Earth people! I ordered her gift today and now I just have to tell her to NOT open any packages that arrive at the house. I know it is something she will like and I can’t wait to give it to her. We will probably go out to eat for her birthday too. The boys and I usually get her a cake and celebrate her birthday at home. She is not really BIG into celebrating her birthday, but she tolerates it! My birthday follows quickly in April! Hmmmm, I wonder what she will get me!

Chrismtas Presents

Sylvia and I have talked for several months about getting some kind of matching jewelry for Christmas. We looked online at some choices at James Avery. The hard part was, she didn’t want to wear a ring. She wanted a necklace, so we had to find a necklace and ring that had the same design.

We did find two designs that we liked and so this past weekend we went up to the store to actually take a look at them. One had a knot design for “tying the knot” and the other was the infinity symbol. We agreed on using the infinity symbol. She got the necklace and I got the ring.

Now we are waiting until Christmas to exchange these gifts. I have another gift for her and she has one for me! Even though I know about the ring, I am excited about getting it at Christmas and then wearing it everyday. I am going to wear it on my wedding ring finger. This may lead to questions from people who don’t know about Sylvia, but it is what it is and I am ready for that. I love the chain that Sylvia chose and the pendant is very pretty.

I can only hope that my dad doesn’t put his foot in his mouth when he sees the ring on my wedding ring finger. He had a fit when my son decided to wear his class ring on his index finger, rather than his ring finger. He went on and on about it, and how he wouldn’t let HIS son buy a class ring(meaning dad paid for it) if he was going to wear it on his index finger. IT IS JUST WRONG. It is the wrong finger and grandpa is afraid that Jack will be made fun of. I told my dad, “you know, he told his friends that his mom is a lesbian, so I doubt he is too worried about what they think about the ring he wears his finger on.” That actually did make my dad shut up for a minute. I told my dad, that of all of the things I have to worry about, which finger Jack wears his class ring on is the least of my worries. I sure hope my dad doesn’t tell me that wearing my infinity ring on my wedding ring finger is WRONG, because I may come unglued. I know he doesn’t support gay marriage and I sometimes wonder what he will do WHEN we do get the right to marry IF he will come to the wedding. We shall see!


We have a busy week ahead of us. We are taking the boys to my mom’s house for Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday. It is about a 2 1/2 hour drive there and we will be coming up the same day. The boys have a few doctor’s appointments this week, because they are out of school and I am off all week. Sylvia has to work this week, but we will work around that!

We also have a few projects to supervise this weeks. We are getting new screens for all of the windows! We also noticed that the carpet in our bedroom was wet about two weeks ago and figured out that the fiberglass tub in the boys’ bathroom has a whole and water is leaking there to our carpet. The plumber comes on Wednesday to rip out that tub and put in a new one. The tile man is coming on Friday to put up new walls and the tile, and of course there will be a day of applying the grout. I am excited about the new tub and tile, but not about all the work! Of course, we aren’t working on it, but we have to live with it for a few days. The boys will have to shower in the master bathroom!

We also have to watch out for our four cats during this time. We don’t want any of them escaping out the front door when the men are going in and out. They also don’t like it when people they don’t know are in the house and hide, but two of them will try to get out. We will lock them in the boys’ rooms and try to keep them in there!

Getting back to Thanksgiving, my sister and brother will be at my mom’s house with their families. It should be a fun day. I can’t wait to EAT! I love turkey and all of the other food that comes with the meal! It also reminds me of what I am thankful for….I am most thankful for Sylvia….she is my one and only! She keeps me grounded and we love each other so much. She is also an awesome stepmom and the boys love her a lot too! I am thankful for my boys and that they are growing into fine young me, although the youngest is handful….I love him to death. I am also thankful that I am better off financially than I was a year ago. I have the money to pay for the new tub and tile….I don’t have to go into debt to pay for it!

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!

Update on Us!

Well, I just looked and it has been over a month since I last posted. I guess I have been a little busy!!! Jack has been refereeing soccer and so I have been running him back and forth to that, as well as to school for ROTC.  My teaching job keeps me busy too and just being a MOM keeps me busy. Of course, I am also in my relationship with Sylvia and that isn’t work, but it does take time and it is time that I enjoy!

We have had some ups and downs, but mostly ups! We have found that during our time of the month, we tend to argue more. This especially isn’t good if our cycle occurs at around the same time.  We are being more careful about how we perceive things and how we talk to each other during this time.  Sylvia is such a sweetheart though. I wasn’t feeling well yesterday and she called to check on me a few times. She takes very good care of me and I do my best to take care of her when she lets me!

We are looking forward to our two-year anniversary on Halloween. We will go out to eat next Saturday! We both are looking forward to the upcoming holidays and I have even started doing some Christmas shopping! I have no idea what to get Sylvia though. She will have to drop me some hints!

Our First Christmas as a Family

Sylvia and I had only been together for two months this time last year and we spent Christmas Eve together alone. She cooked a traditional meal from her home country. We also spent Christmas Day together with my boys and my brother’s family.

 It was very nice, but this will be our first REAL Christmas together as a family. She will be here Christmas Eve to help me play Santa. She is going to cook dinner again for Christmas Eve, but this year the boys will eat with us. She will also get to wake up with the boys and experience Christmas morning. Now Jack is old enough to know about Santa, but Ethan still believes! I am excited about this first Christmas together as a family. Sylvia bought each boy an advent calender that counts down the days to Christmas. It has chocolate for each day and both boys have enjoyed counting down the days and eating the chocolate.

Now I just have to finish shopping for Sylvia. I have one gift for her under the tree but still have to find a few more things. We are pretty much done with the boys!! I have a few others to buy for, but thankfully most of it is done!

Our First Thanksgiving Together

Sylvia and I had only been dating a few weeks last year when Thanksgiving came around. I spent the holiday with my family that lives about 2 hours from me. She spent the holiday with her friends. We talked quite a bit, but we hated being apart. This year we took the boys to my mom’s house and spent the day with my family. It was our first Thanksgiving together and our first big holiday with my family.

I am happy to say that everything went well. Sylvia jumped in and assisted my mom quite a bit in the kitchen. My sister came with her son as did my brother and his family. We ate way too much and of course, had dessert. We left around 7:30 to come home and both of us were very pleased at how things went. We even went and laid down for a bit and took a nap together.

It was nice to see that we could all get together at a family event. We even stole a few kisses here and there, but just pecks on the lips.

We went shopping this morning for  some Christmas items for the boys and had left overs for lunch and later dinner! We even got the Christmas tree up this evening. Ethan was quite excited and helped us decorate the tree!

New Year’s Eve!

A few weeks before New Year’s Eve, Sylvia had mentioned a local dance for women only that occurs every month. The dance is usually on one  Saturday night each month. For January, they have the dance on New Year’s Eve. We discussed it and decided it would be something we would want to attend. I got busy tracking down a babysitter and found one through a nanny service. Sylvia got busy calling and making us a reservation for the dance. We were both very excited!

New Year’s Eve finally arrived! The dance started at 8:00. The sitter arrived around 7:15 and we left around 7:30! My younger son was excited to have someone to play the Wii with! We arrived at the dance around 8:15. There were many people there and even more came in later! We had brought some waters with us, but no alcohol. We could have brought some, but decided against it. They had a lot of finger foods too.

Both Sylvia and I are quite shy, so we really didn’t dance. I did get up and do a few line dances. It took a while for me to get real comfortable. I mean, I wasn’t uncomfortable, just not as comfortable as I could be. Later, I moved closer to Sylvia and we exchanged a few kisses and held hands. The nicest part of the dance was showing our affection towards each other without anyone staring at us. It was nice seeing other couples together. We enjoyed watching everyone have a good time.

 Sylvia and I had held hands in public, but that is really all we had done. I had actually talked to Sylvia about her feelings about kissing in public. Several times when we had been out, I had wanted to kiss her, just a peck really, but hadn’t. I wasn’t sure how she would feel about it.  She said that kissing her would be fine, but NO making out in public….and well I agreed with that! I was so glad we could discuss these things.

 At midnight we all got a small glass of champagne and Sylvia and I exchanged a huge kiss. It was very nice! We stayed for a bit longer, and then headed home! We got the babysitter on her way and then stayed up longer and brought in the New Year in bed!! It was a nice way to celebrate and I was looking forward to spending 2011 with Sylvia!

Christmas Break

I was off for two weeks at Christmas as were my boys! Sylvia had lessons, but they were greatly reduced especially during the second week of vacation. I finished up some of my last-minute shopping and she came out every night and stayed. We slept in most mornings and were able to get up and eat breakfast together.

My ex husband would have the boys for Christmas Eve, so we decided to eat dinner at Sylvia’s house! She cooked a nice meal and we exchanged gifts. I had to leave around 8:00 to get home and get the boys to bed.  The boys and I got up early that morning to see what Santa brought them. Sylvia and I spoke that morning also and she came over around 12:00. My brother and his family were coming to my house to eat. My sister-in-law baked the turkey and brought it over. They had not met Sylvia before, and so it was interesting at first, but soon we were all chatting.

Sylvia and my SIL discussed how to make gravy and all three of us women got dinner on the table. During dinner we discussed a lot of different things and everyone got along well. I was pleased! Later we went to my dad’s house to celebrate, however, Sylvia asked not to go. There would be many family members there and she was a bit shy about going to a large gathering. I told her it was fine and she stayed at the house while we went off.

We were gone about an hour and a half, then came home! My brother and his family headed back to their house. Sylvia had finished cleaning the kitchen and was waiting when we got home. She ended up staying every night through my holiday break. We had several days where she didn’t even make it back to her home. We went shopping and spent an hour a day for about four days getting my garage in order! It was nice having her here and we really enjoyed our time together.

We made plans for New Year’s Eve and I’ll blog about that next! I was pleased with how things were going and she was also. They boys enjoyed having her around. My older son, who is a teenager, stayed in his room quite a bit but when he came out he was civil. He even smiled a few times at dinner. My younger son had started giving Sylvia hugs, all on his own, when she did have to run off to a lesson or home for a bit.

I wondered how I could become so close to someone in such a short period of time. I didn’t question it though, but decided to just go with it and be happy. We both deserved to be happy and we were so happy together and still are!

Heading Towards Christmas

Sylvia and I spent the three weeks between Thanksgiving and my Christmas Break getting to know each other more. She came out to the house about five nights a week and spent the night. We cooked our meals together and enjoyed our evenings together. The boys got used to her being over. My youngest got to where he was expecting her each evening and was happy to see her!

We still texted each day and spoke at least a few times a day. My happy attacks subsided, but I still missed her quite a bit during the day. We both spoke about how easy it was for us to just BE together. We felt safe, loved, comforted and listened too when we were together. It was such a new experience for me and I think for her. I was not traveling at all over Christmas break so we made plans to have dinner at my house with my brother and his family. We also planned to have Christmas Eve at her house while my boys spent time with their dad. We were looking forward to having some time off together!

Things at work were stressful, but the stress did not get to me as it used too because I had Sylvia who balanced things out for me. She listened to me vent and gave me ideas on things.  I didn’t carry that stress around like I used too. I was happy and things were going well…..I knew I had made a good choice in switching teams.