Good News!

I checked my college email account last night to see if a professor had answered a question I had emailed her. Sitting in my INBOX is an email titled SCHOLARSHIP AWARDED. I had not applied for any scholarships, so I opened it wondering if it were a joke or spam. I read through the email and it contained my ID number and was from a college email address. I start reading the email and I have been awarded a large scholarship for the Summer and Fall semester. It is enough to cover all of my tuition, books and have some left over to help with any other expenses. I almost fell out of my chair. Sylvia was also excited about the scholarship! I will be graduating in December and have an internship next Fall through my school district. I won’t have to work mystery shopping to help pay the bills. I am so excited about this opportunity. I am going to use the money wisely and put away what I don’t use to put towards the loans that I will start repaying after graduation.

Three More Weeks!

Ethan and I have only three more weeks of school and then we are OFF for the summer. Well, I will still be doing mystery shopping and then I start my summer grad school class on July 7th, so I am not totally OFF, but I won’t have to wake up at 5:35 each morning!! Jack is in a vocational program and his new semester started this past Monday. He has a full 15 week summer semester so he will be off at school all summer. Of course, he is HOME this weekend to be with his girlfriend for a banquet she is attending, but he won’t have his typical summer off! He will get two weeks off between the Summer and Fall semester, and then be back at work!

The professor for my practicum class emailed the class to tell us the requirements for the class. We will be using several IQ and academic assessments that we need access to through the school district that is allowing us to do our internship. My special ed. director has already approved me working within the district to complete my internship and I checked with the testing coordinator and we have all the assessments I need access too. Now, I won’t be testing kids at school (unless they have an evaluation due and I will be working with another diagnostician), so I will have to recruit nieces, nephews, my brother and sister-in-law, Ethan, Jack, and any other adult or kid I know to test. Anyone want a FREE IQ test?? I have to administer each test so many times, and it will be good practice! I have to get 160 hours completed within the school district, but that shouldn’t be difficult. I will be out of the classroom starting next year and back to the role of the Lead Teacher running my department. I will be running IEP meetings and working with other districts on how to best serve the students. Let’s just say, I am ready for this change. I will miss being in the classroom, but I am ready for this. It will be a CRAZY semester to say the least, and I am hoping Sylvia and I can survive it. She is so supportive of this path I chose to follow. She encouraged me to go back to school! I just have to be sure to give her the attentions she needs. She is so much more giving than I am in some ways. I can get so self centered, but I am working on it and at least I realize that I do it. My work is one of my passions though! At least the summer won’t be TOO crazy!

Ethan starts high school next year, so that will be ANOTHER big thing for next year. Hopefully it will be a smooth transition and he won’t have too many issues. His issues add to my stress at times. He has grown up a LOT in the last few years, but he still has a LOT more growing up to do!

Counting the days…..12 1/2 actual SCHOOL days LEFT and then SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our Weekend Vacation

Sylvia and I got a weekend vacation last weekend. We dropped Ethan off at camp on Friday afternoon and then our vacation began. We stopped and had a wonderful dinner and then headed to the hotel. We spent Saturday shopping and we even managed to go to a state park and see the sights. We have been in this area before and stopped to eat lunch at our favorite cafe. After eating lunch we did some more shopping and then went back for PIE! We stopped at a chocolate shop and bought some truffles. We found a new restaurant to try on Saturday evening and really enjoyed our meal. We took some dessert back to the hotel room but stopped to do some more shopping before heading back. We got up Sunday morning and had a nice breakfast. We then went to the camp for the closing ceremony and to pick up Ethan. He had a great time at the camp and we had a great weekend. We will go back again next year and see some more historical sights and visit some of the same places. It was a quick weekend, but we had fun. It gives Sylvia and I a chance to spend some quality time together. We had been saving our money, and this made the trip even better. We didn’t stress about how much we were spending and we had a good time! Summer is coming and I won’t be working, and that provides us with more quality time. I do have one grad school class starting in July, but only ONE! Ethan will be going to high school next year and I will have my last semester of grad school, with an internship. Life will get busy, but we will get through it!

Grad School is Done for this Semester!

I am finished with both of my classes for this semester and three weeks early! I am happy to have it all done. I registered for one summer class that starts July 7th and then I have my last two classes in the Fall. I am excited but anxious too. It will be my internship as a diagnostician. My job will be changing a bit next year too. I will be attending IEP meetings and supervising my department next year and hopefully working on assessments. I am excited! Everything else is going well. Sylvia is working quite a bit, but we are going off next week for a few days to ourselves. This is one reason I wanted to get my grad school classes done. Both boys are doing well and we are ready for summer to get here. I plan on spending some time with Ethan and teaching him to cook!!

Spring is Here!

Spring is here and we are so HAPPY to have it here. We had a pretty good spring break week. Jack came home for a week and we enjoyed having him here. We didn’t do too much. Ethan had a few doctor’s appointments and Sylvia had to work. We did take one day to go and do some shopping, but it was more window shopping. Grad school for me is going great. I am actually DONE with one class….well, I do have to participate in a discussion board next week, but I have already posted my initial post. Now I just need to respond to other people’s post. My second grad school class is almost complete too. I have one final exam and one project to complete and I am DONE. I will register next week for one summer class and for next Fall, which will be my LAST semester!!

Work is going well and keeping me busy. Sylvia is staying very busy with work. She is still cooking daily, but I told her I will take over some of the cooking this summer. I think Ethan and I could find some projects to keep us busy with cooking! Ethan has his special needs camp coming up in April, so Sylvia and I will get a weekend alone together and have a mini vacation. Overall, Sylvia and I are doing well, but we have got to slow down and make more time for each other. When she is home, I am at work and when I am home she is at work. When we do have time together, we sometimes let other things keep us busy and away from each other. We had a small argument the other day, but it brought out a lot of frustrations that both of us were dealing with. I hate it when we argue, but we are not perfect and it just happens sometimes and thankfully it doesn’t happen often. Both of us work as independent contractors doing a side job, but I am going to stop taking as many assignments. Ethan needs me at home and so does Sylvia. Life is too short to work as much as I work, and well the child support people upped my ex-husband’s child support (he owes me over $20,000) and so I am getting more money there, so I can take a break from working so hard. I have enough to pay my bills and don’t NEED this second job to make ends meet anymore. Sometimes you just have to slow down!

Snow Day

We will all be home tomorrow due to sleety and ice on the roads. Right now we don’t have anything on the roads, but it is expected to hit in the middle of the night. I am glad that we know there is no school tomorrow, so we can sleep in. We have two weeks until Spring Break and we are all ready for the break, so this is sort of a nice break before Spring Break. Sylvia has been working a lot of late nights and work has been crazy for me. We did go out with friends last night to eat dinner and then to a dance. We had a blast! Grad school is going well and I am way ahead in both classes. I may spend tomorrow working on a power point assignment that I have! I would love to finish early and be done with the semester by early April! I am going to head back to bed now and KNOW I can sleep in! It is definitely COLD out there and I can’t wait to cuddle with Sylvia!

Another Semester of Grad School

I started my fourth semester of grad school last week. If you count the one summer session, it would be five semesters! I should graduate in December of this year. The classes are interesting so far, and the assignments don’t seem to bad. There will be a LOT of typing going on to submit assignments and participate in discussion boards, but it is doable. Sylvia is still cooking new meals almost every night, or we are eating the yummy leftovers. Right now I am focused on grad school, my job and of course Sylvia and the boys. Sylvia is very supportive of my grad school and the time it demands. I am making time for Ethan each night, by sitting with him to watch TV and chat. We also have a snack together. Sylvia and I are also trying to make sure we have our time together. Jack was home for the three day weekend and it was good to see him. Overall things are going well! Work is a bit hectic but I am still enjoying being back in the classroom. I hope to keep blogging every few weeks, if grad school doesn’t overwhelm me!


I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving Day tomorrow. Sylvia and I are taking the boys to my mom’s house for dinner. My sister and brother will be there also with their families. It will be a nice day. I am so thankful for Sylvia. She makes me happy and keeps me sane. Between work, grad school, teaching and the boys I can get a little frazzled at times. Jack got home yesterday and it has been nice having him home. I have enjoyed my time off, but at times Ethan can be tiring. He hasn’t been misbehaving, but he has been a bit argumentative. It just gets old after a few days. Sylvia keeps me grounded. I am happy with her and it helps me be happier with the kids and helps me with my patience. I need patience on some days more than others, and it is not an easy balance. I am thankful for the balance she provides and the love.

Old Stuff/New Stuff

I am officially done with grad school for this semester. I actually finished about three weeks early and now I am just waiting for my grades! I hate waiting! Sylvia made it to the dentist, but the antibiotics had done their job, so the dentist wasn’t sure which tooth was causing the problem. She will have to wait until it acts up again before going back in to get it fixed. So, that is an update on the old stuff.

The new stuff….well we had an IEP meeting for Ethan to discuss his behavior. I asked for more assessment from the LSSP and for a behavior specialist to come in and observe him. We will meet again some time after the New Year to discuss how to better assist him at school. Jacob will be home for Thanksgiving and then home again for four weeks over the semester break. He is hoping that his girlfriend will come with us to my mother’s house for Thanksgiving Dinner. He is registered for next semester and so am I! I should be graduating this time next year….YIKES!

We don’t lead an exciting life, but we like it. We have a one Christmas party and one New Year Eve’s party we plan on attending. I just plan on staying warm this winter and cuddling up with Sylvia.

Communication–Working it Out!

Sylvia and I have times when we just don’t communicate well. This time it was on me. We sit down most Sundays and plan out what we will eat for the week. With both of us working, it makes sense to plan, but I HATE PLANNING MEALS. The reason is, Sylvia doesn’t like eating the same old thing each week and I could care less. I just want it easy to make and easy to clean up. We both work full time and at different times. She is working late most of the time right now so dinner falls on me. I usually get home around 4:15, but some evenings it is 5:00. Ethan is taking up a great deal of my time. He is having a rough time with his behavior so I am trying to really sit with him and watch TV, play a game or read a book. Well this is 30 min of my evening. Ethan and I are also walking for about 20 min right when I get home, so there is another 20 min. Add grad school and my work as a teacher that I bring home and my evening gets short very fast. The last thing I want to do is make a complicated meal (Ok complicated for me, not for Sylvia) and then clean it up. I had a little melt down with her about this and finally just told her how I felt, but in a defensive way. NOT GOOD….but she listened and we worked it out. She has time during the day before she goes off to see her students, so she made meals before she left that I could warm up or stick in the oven to bake.

So far, this has worked out well for us this week. I think it will continue. She loves to cook and experiment with recipes. She is an awesome cook and I lover her cooking. I am able to spend time with Ethan and get my work done. I am also ready to take care of her when she comes home and sit with her while she eats. I am pretty much done with grad school and will be off the week of Thanksgiving, so the next few weeks should be easier. Come January 12 it will get crazy again, but only 2 full semesters of grad school left and one summer session!