Our First Trip to the ER

Sylvia took me to the Emergency Room yesterday morning. We are both experiencing symptoms of pre-menopause….skipping periods, sweats at night, and for me cramps. I haven’t had cramps since I was a teenager. The last few times I have had a period, I have had cramping, but this time it was to the extreme. It started a week before I even got my period, which was a week late. My period arrived, and the cramps got worse. I stayed home from work a week ago Friday and my family doctor gave me some pain meds. They worked, but the cramps were never really gone. Fast forward to this past Thursday and I was home again. The cramps were keeping me up at night and I couldn’t sleep. Even with the pain meds and a heating pad it was awful. I woke up around 4:00 am on Friday morning and could not go back to sleep. I was in tears the pain was so bad. I woke Sylvia up around 4:45 and asked her to take me into the ER. This was not an easy decision for me, but the pain was horrible.

We woke Jack up and he was put in charge of getting Ethan to school. He was concerned and he stepped up and did a good job while we were gone. We arrived at the hospital and we were taken back to a triage room as soon as we got there. There was only one other patient there besides us! The doctor said it was good I came in because it could be my pancreas or my gall bladder. They took blood and got all of my information. No one asked who Sylvia was, so I finally told the person taking down all of my information. No questions were asked about her being my wife and it was handled just like we were a heterosexual couple. We had always wondered if it would be, and it was.

My bloodwork came back and there was no infection. Everything looked good and the doctor said I was healthy. He said to follow up with my gynecologist. I had talked to them on Thursday and have an appointment for Monday. That was the soonest they could see me. The doctor did give Tylenol with codeine so I took that when we got home (Oh, I did get morphine while at the hospital). I slept pretty much all day yesterday. I took one more tylenol with codeine in the afternoon and then some ibuprofin later. I slept 10 hours and woke up feeling better today. However, I have still had minor cramps and needed some ibuprofin. The cramps have gotten a little worse this evening so I think I will be taking a tyleonol with codeine here in a bit.

Sylvia took very good care of me this whole time. She held my hand when they had to take blood out of the top of my hand….the veins in my arm always roll. She made me go to bed and she took care of Ethan when he came home from school. She even made sure he got to bed on time. Jack was home when we got home from the hospital and was happy to hear all was well. He went off to work and when he came home he helped Sylvia.

I hope to get some answers as to what is going on this coming Monday.

First Week Back at Work

I went back to work this past Monday. We had a two hour convocation with a great speaker that I really enjoyed! It was great seeing everyone that I had not seen since early June. I spent most of the rest of the on paperwork. My new role as the diagnostician means a great deal of paperwork. The other diagnosticians have been great and have helped me a great deal. There is still a lot to learn, but it is also a challenge that I welcome! Sylvia has been awesome and has cooked all week. I have come home to great meals and we have had enough for leftovers. It has NOT been fun getting up early, but it helps that Ethan doesn’t start school for another week. He just gets up, eats breakfast, and we discuss his day before I leave. Sylvia has been home most of the days for at least part of the day. Jack has also been home for parts of each day. Ethan doesn’t need much, just a lunch and his games. Thank goodness for “Parentkit”. It is a great app that lets me control how much time he can have on his iPhone and iPad. He doesn’t do well when he has had electronics for too many days.

One more week of inservice and then the real fun begins. I have several IEP meetings coming up and TWO of them I have to prepare and run. YIKES!

Repairs are Done…… Well almost done!

It took five days for the contractor’s crew of guys to complete the house. We were out of our house for seven nights and six days though, because they don’t work on Sundays and well, I don’t blame them. The ceilings look awesome and it is nice to have the blue tarp gone in the kitchen. We have three new ceiling fans and new laminate floor in the den and hallway. Our only complaint is the clean up and a few other minor items. The baseboards around the door frames were not completed and I have talked to the contractor about that. There are several small scratches on our 16 month old front door (we really love our front door, so not really happy about that). I have contacted him about that. There is an issue with a shelf that we know was damaged and we need to discuss that. The inside repairs are done for the most part. We still have gutters for the house and the fence that needs to be stained, but that will be done after other people have their homes repaired on the inside.

We arrived at the house around 8:00 yesterday morning to start cleaning and I notice it is warm in the house. I go back and check the AC, and it is 80 degrees in the house and the temperature is set for 76 degrees. Obviously something is VERY WRONG. I call the AC company we have used for 11 years and we got on the list. The tech shows up around 3:00 and discovers that the inside unit coils are leaking. Both the inside and outside units are 12 years old and we knew they were going to need to be replaced at some point. We sat down with the guy and looked at options. Well, the install guys are here right now putting in two new units, all new duct work, a new thermostat (that we can control with an app), moving the inside unit to the attic, creating two intake areas, and putting anew AC vent in the den. LOTS of work, but we will save a lot of money with this new system. The tech yesterday added freon to the unit so we could at least have a cool house to sleep in!!

We spent three hours cleaning yesterday morning and moving boxes around. The new furniture will arrive some time in the next few weeks. We cleaned the new floors with a swiffer unit my mom told me about….IT IS COOL! I vacuumed the three bedrooms and there was ceiling stuff all over the place. I had to empty the vacuum three times (Dyson). Sylvia worked on cleaning up her desk that was covered in dust. Jack mopped the kitchen twice and Ethan helped by wiping the dust of anything and everything in the house. We worked up quite a sweat. We went back to the hotel at 11:00 and got the cats and all of our stuff. They were a little confused by all of the new stuff, but they knew they were home. We spent the rest of the day cleaning, unpacking, starting laundry (which we are still doing today) and I hooked up my computer. This was NOT easy as I have a corner desk and it is not easy to get to the back where the cords come out. I have two printers and two monitors as well as speakers. I did buy a new wireless keyboard!

I go back to work on Monday and hoping I can take it a LITTLE easy for a few days. We are going to unpack some of the boxes, but we are waiting for the new book cases before doing that! There is still lots to do, but the major stuff is set up. Of course, the TV and Wii were all set up….you know how important that is!!

My Nephew

I am a teacher, so I am off this summer. My sister-in-law asked if I could keep my niece and nephew two days a week. She works from home the other three day. My niece is almost 12 and my nephew is almost six. Ethan really enjoys his cousins, so I agreed! They were here this past Monday and we were out and about in the car. My niece brought up the snow cones that were on sale last Friday. I told her that we had not gone because Sylvia and I were busy getting married. I then said, “you know we got married, right?” She said, “oh yea, mom told me!” My nephew then said, “Are you a boy?” I said, “no”. He then said, “Is Sylvia a boy” and I said “no she is a girl too, like me”. As I looked in the rear view mirror I can see the look of shock on his face. He is only six years old, so his knowledge of homosexuality is probably pretty limited. Sylvia and I have been together since he was six months old, so he doesn’t remember a time she wasn’t around.

He then said, “Well you can’t do that”, meaning a girl marrying a girl. I explained that yes I could and that girls can marry girls and boys can marry boys. He didn’t say anything else and it was left at that. Later in the afternoon when my their mom came to pick them up, I told her the story. She thought it was cute and said “you rocked his world Aunt Maria”. I am sure as my nephew grows up, he will see that we should all be able to love who we love. He has never questioned why Sylvia lives with me or why I have given her a kiss before. I am sure there will be more questions, but that is how we teach the next generation how to love and accept all people.

The Wedding

I really didn’t know what to title this particular blog entry. Several titles came to mind “I have a wife”, “I have a wife and I am a wife”, “We are married”, and “The New wife”. I finally settled on “The Wedding” as you can see!

The boys drove down with us to the Justice of the Peace Office. My mother texted while we were driving that she was already there. We arrived and I texted to let her know we were there. The parking lot is pretty big and she had had to part a bit away from the entrance. We had gotten lucky with a close spot. I see my mom coming across the parking lot with flowers! She had picked some very pretty flowers from her yard and had a bouquet for each of us, but it could be just ONE bouquet if one of us didn’t want flowers. I decided to hold them when Sylvia said she didn’t want to hold the flowers. The judge was very nice and the ceremony went well. Sylvia actually teared up during the ceremony as I reached for her hand. The boys were quite excited too. We got pictures during the ceremony and of course afterwards! Both boys rode with my mom to the restaurant and we had a minute in the car to talk (and kiss). It was very nice! I was so excited we could share this day with my mom and the boys. Many in our family sent us congratulations on Facebook!

We then went to a nice Italian restaurant! The food was great and my mom surprised us with a cake. It was very pretty with flowers on top. It was on a plate that was decorated in silver with “Congratulations Maria and Sylvia”. We were both very touched! We ate our lunch then had some cake! We even fed each other a piece of cake!

We have spent most of the weekend calling each other “wife”. We didn’t go on a honeymoon, but we are saving for a trip to Europe in a few years. We are both very happy!

Repairs Have Begun

The roofers came on Saturday and started replacing the roof. We have to have the planking under the shingles repaired, so it is no easy job. They were able to replace all of the planking on the the back part of the roof as well as lay down some black stuff that goes between the planking and the shingles. However, they don’t work on Sunday so no roofers yesterday and it rained today!! We are supposed to have rain the rest of the week. Now the good thing is, they replaced the planking on the worst part of the roof where all the holes were. No more BUCKETS collecting water in the house! We are also down to the last two weeks of school! I am very excited about that. Jack is also actively looking for a job and has had three interviews. One of them seems very promising and he is really hoping to hear back from them! Sylvia is working hard, but we are making plans to be married in a few weeks! It will be a simple ceremony. Things are improving here, at least!

Still No Roof and Other Stuff

Sylvia arrived home and life is back to normal, except we are still waiting on repairs. The insurance check arrived on April 29th and I informed the contractor. We were 5th in line, but we have had RAIN and MORE RAIN. We were hoping to have the roof started by the end of this week, but now it looks like it will be next week. Guess what….we are expecting rain on Sunday that won’t stop for four days. YIKES. We get the buckets out when the rain starts and thankfully the leaks are minor. I check in with the contractor about once a week to just see where we are! The only thing that is good about having to wait, is Ethan and I should be out of school and it will be easier to be in a hotel for a few days. We won’t have to worry about getting up and getting to work and school.

Jack moved home on April 29th and graduated on May 6th from college. He went to a job interview yesterday and he hopes to hear something by tomorrow. He used Sylvia as a reference and they actually reached out and contacted her today. He is quite excited!! He plans on living with us until he gets some money saved and then decide what he wants to do. He would be working about 30 minutes from home, but it isn’t a bad drive. We are enjoying having him home and I think he is really enjoying the meals!! He is helping out with chores and being a good role model for Ethan.

It took Sylvia a few days to recover from her trip. The jet lag really wears her out. She seems to be getting back into the groove though. We are surviving the craziness of the house and the weather. We are a lot luckier than others who are can’t even live in their homes. We plan on going out with some friends in a few weeks and that will be fun.

I think that is all for now. I really hope the rain slows down and we can get that roof!!

Still Waiting

We are still waiting for a check from the insurance company so we can start the repairs on the house. The news reported that 80% of the homes in my town have hail damage. There are blue tarps everywhere! As soon as we get the check from the adjuster we can pay the contractor to fix the roof. They are going to concentrate on fixing everyone’s roofs and then start on the inside. We will have to move out while they replace the ceilings…ALL of the ceilings. I was told today that there are NO hotel rooms to be found in our area. There are extra insurance adjusters in town as well as contractors taking up the hotel space. Of course, we still have to wait for the money, then the roof and THEN we can see what happens next. We have not had rain for several days, but it is in the forecast. I am doing pretty well with it all, but it would be easier if Sylvia were here. We did get to talk last night and again tonight. She sounds tired! She is having a hard time with the time change there. I am going to my mom’s for the day tomorrow and taking Ethan with me! We need a day out of the house! Cross your fingers we get that check soon!

My Honey is Away

Sylvia left for Europe yesterday afternoon. She will be gone for eight days. Her family is there and she goes to visit every 12-18 months. I miss her, but we have done this before and gotten through it. Ethan got himself off to school this morning all by himself. I made sure he was up dressed and fed. He just had to wait for the bus and lock the door as he left. He did a great job, but he and Sylvia have been practicing for a few days. The house is still a mess. I am waiting on a check from the insurance company so we can get repairs started. The main thing is to get the roof fixed, then we can the ceilings and everything else done. Sylvia isn’t upset about being away from this mess!! It is a controlled mess though. I’ll be counting the days until she returns. I always have trouble sleeping when she is away, but I get by. I am so glad we have texting apps that she and I can use to text during the day/night. She is seven hours ahead of me! We did get to talk on the phone tonight and it was nice! I am sure we will talk again tomorrow!

Our Trip

Sylvia and I got to have a weekend to ourselves this past weekend. We drove to south Texas and dropped Ethan off at a camp for kids with special needs. He looks forward to this trip each year and so do we! It took us a bit longer to drive down this year. We took a detour when traffic on the interstate came to a standstill! We arrived at the camp and Ethan gathered up his stuff and left us in the dust. We followed behind him to check him in and get his medication into the camp medical staff. He checked himself in though and took his luggage to the correct area to be taken to his cabin. We spoke to the director after dropping off his medication. We gave him a quick hug and kiss then left. He was ready for us to be gone! It was really nice to see how independent he was and how comfortable he is there.

Sylvia and I then went out to eat and then headed to the hotel. We spent the next day shopping and eating! We have been there a few times before and had places that we wanted to visit and see what we could find! We ate out a café there that is SO good and has homemade pies. We then went and took a nap back at the hotel. We tried a new restaurant in the downtown area and we were glad we did! It was really good. We crashed pretty hard that night after a full day of shopping. We brought back a new fixture for the front yard and a few new t-shirts. We arrived at the camp around 10:30 the next morning. Ethan was happy to see us and show us his artwork. He sat with his group for the closing ceremony. We then ate lunch there and headed home. Thankfully the trip home went off with no problems and we made it in about 4 hours.

Jack was home all weekend to house sit for us. He was off for spring break this week. Ethan was on spring break too, so they hung out together. I had to work and my spring break started today! It has been amazing to watch both boys this week. They are four years apart in age and Ethan has always been immature, but he is starting to act more his age. He and Jack are actually “bonding”. Jack has always worried about his brother and how he would do, but they have been brothers and not really friends. I hope that makes sense. It seems like they are becoming more friends and have some things in common. It is an amazing thing to watch your children becoming young men!