It has been a busy summer. I have kept my niece and nephew two days a week. We generally go on one outing and also visit the library each week. We also have some home fun activities that we do. I had three different workshops that I attended but whew I was worn out. One was three days long, the next one was two days and the last one was just one day. 

My mom had back surgery back at the end of June. She was in the hospital for four days. My SIL got her home. Ethan and I stayed with her the first four nights and then my SIL came and took over for five night: (with two kids). We have been taking shifts since then. She lives about 45 minutes away so it isn’t too bad. 

I have about a month until I return to work! FUN! Jack had something exciting happens. He had been on a few interviews and he got s job with sschool district in their Tech department. It is pretty good money. He will have to drive about 45 min one way. He is going to start saving more money so he can mo e out when he is ready. I am so very proud of him!!

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