It only took FOUR ER visits this week and one ambulance ride, but we found out it was my gall bladder that was causing my pain. Sylvia took me to the ER early on Monday morning (1:00 am) and was told I had kidney stones. WE came home and I took the day off. I set up a urology appointment and went to work on Tuesday. I was doing OK on Wednesday, but then started feeling bad around 3:00 pm. Sylvia took me to a different ER on Tuesday night. After two hours and a CT scan I was told it wasn’t kidney stones and to go home. My stepmom took me back to the same hospital around 4 AM and was told the same thing and was asked if I was a narcotic user. My stepmom chewed them out, they gave me pain meds and sent me home. Sylvia took me to my primary care doctor who thought it might be a gynecological issue or a gastro issue. We visited a urologist who confirmed it was not kidney stones and agreed with my primary care doctor. I got an appointment with my gynecologist and tried to tolerate the pain. Well Thursday night it was too much. My stepmom advised I call an ambulance and so we did. I arrived there and long story short, they ended up admitting me, doing more tests and figured out that my gall bladder LOOKED fine but was actually working at only 10%, This took all day to figure out and by 5:00 pm they were prepping me for surgery.

My mom came in to help Sylvia. Sylvia was exhausted from the ER trips and work. I got home yesterday and have been taking it easy. I’ll be out at least the next three days from work. The boys have been good and Sylvia has been awesome. I’ll be calling the second hospital tomorrow to file a complaint and work on making sure they know how much they messed up. It is a LONG story but the nurse was an ass and they did not take care of me.

4 thoughts on “It Was My Gall Bladder

  1. I’m sorry you had such a hard time and I hope you’re recovering well. I had my gallbladder and appendix out in 2012 and it took almost a year before they figured out that was the problem. I hope you start feeling better and recover quickly!

  2. I had this pain back in November and had two trips to the hospital so it took a few months for them to figure it out. I am feeling better but definitely need the rest. The pain was awful.

  3. Almost the same thing happened to my daughter a couple of months ago. She was experiencing gall bladder and kidney pain for over 3 weeks before she decided to have it checked out. Her pain levels almost that entire time fluctuated between 6 and 10, but when she asked for pain meds, she was also accused of being an abuser.

    In fact, she was getting jacked around by her doctor so much that she fired her and decided to go with an herbal supplement. In the 6 weeks she’s been taking it, her pain has almost completely subsided.

    I’m so sorry for your issues. Get well ❤ XOXOX!!

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