I survived the weekend and the cramps never got as bad as they were on Friday. I went to the gynecologist and they did a sonogram. The doctor then came in and said that everything was normal with my uterus and such. That was very good news to hear. She then said I could be starting menopause. We discussed my periods and what they were like and when I skipped. She said she wanted to take some blood and see what my hormones are doing and also my thyroid. She is also giving me a prescription for birth control pills. She then said, “well really, HORMONE control pills”, because she remembered I am married to a woman! No chance I will get pregnant there. The blood tests will take 7-10 days and we shall see if that shows anything. The doctor said she wants to try the PILL first before even thinking about a hysterectomy.

I was glad I went, because at least now I know that there is nothing serious going on….JUST getting older. I am hoping the PILL will help, but I will be damn sure to let her know if it doesn’t. I called Sylvia when I left and she just died laughing when I told her that I would be going on the PILL. We both think it is very ironic! I’ll keep you all posted on how it goes. Hopefully I won’t have to take off work for cramps again! Now to wait for the doctor bills to start rolling in!


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