I went back to work this past Monday. We had a two hour convocation with a great speaker that I really enjoyed! It was great seeing everyone that I had not seen since early June. I spent most of the rest of the on paperwork. My new role as the diagnostician means a great deal of paperwork. The other diagnosticians have been great and have helped me a great deal. There is still a lot to learn, but it is also a challenge that I welcome! Sylvia has been awesome and has cooked all week. I have come home to great meals and we have had enough for leftovers. It has NOT been fun getting up early, but it helps that Ethan doesn’t start school for another week. He just gets up, eats breakfast, and we discuss his day before I leave. Sylvia has been home most of the days for at least part of the day. Jack has also been home for parts of each day. Ethan doesn’t need much, just a lunch and his games. Thank goodness for “Parentkit”. It is a great app that lets me control how much time he can have on his iPhone and iPad. He doesn’t do well when he has had electronics for too many days.

One more week of inservice and then the real fun begins. I have several IEP meetings coming up and TWO of them I have to prepare and run. YIKES!


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