It took five days for the contractor’s crew of guys to complete the house. We were out of our house for seven nights and six days though, because they don’t work on Sundays and well, I don’t blame them. The ceilings look awesome and it is nice to have the blue tarp gone in the kitchen. We have three new ceiling fans and new laminate floor in the den and hallway. Our only complaint is the clean up and a few other minor items. The baseboards around the door frames were not completed and I have talked to the contractor about that. There are several small scratches on our 16 month old front door (we really love our front door, so not really happy about that). I have contacted him about that. There is an issue with a shelf that we know was damaged and we need to discuss that. The inside repairs are done for the most part. We still have gutters for the house and the fence that needs to be stained, but that will be done after other people have their homes repaired on the inside.

We arrived at the house around 8:00 yesterday morning to start cleaning and I notice it is warm in the house. I go back and check the AC, and it is 80 degrees in the house and the temperature is set for 76 degrees. Obviously something is VERY WRONG. I call the AC company we have used for 11 years and we got on the list. The tech shows up around 3:00 and discovers that the inside unit coils are leaking. Both the inside and outside units are 12 years old and we knew they were going to need to be replaced at some point. We sat down with the guy and looked at options. Well, the install guys are here right now putting in two new units, all new duct work, a new thermostat (that we can control with an app), moving the inside unit to the attic, creating two intake areas, and putting anew AC vent in the den. LOTS of work, but we will save a lot of money with this new system. The tech yesterday added freon to the unit so we could at least have a cool house to sleep in!!

We spent three hours cleaning yesterday morning and moving boxes around. The new furniture will arrive some time in the next few weeks. We cleaned the new floors with a swiffer unit my mom told me about….IT IS COOL! I vacuumed the three bedrooms and there was ceiling stuff all over the place. I had to empty the vacuum three times (Dyson). Sylvia worked on cleaning up her desk that was covered in dust. Jack mopped the kitchen twice and Ethan helped by wiping the dust of anything and everything in the house. We worked up quite a sweat. We went back to the hotel at 11:00 and got the cats and all of our stuff. They were a little confused by all of the new stuff, but they knew they were home. We spent the rest of the day cleaning, unpacking, starting laundry (which we are still doing today) and I hooked up my computer. This was NOT easy as I have a corner desk and it is not easy to get to the back where the cords come out. I have two printers and two monitors as well as speakers. I did buy a new wireless keyboard!

I go back to work on Monday and hoping I can take it a LITTLE easy for a few days. We are going to unpack some of the boxes, but we are waiting for the new book cases before doing that! There is still lots to do, but the major stuff is set up. Of course, the TV and Wii were all set up….you know how important that is!!


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