I am sitting in a hotel room while Ethan is trying to go to sleep. Sylvia is in the room next door and Jack is at work. He will be I the room with his brother when he gets here and I will go over t be with Sylvia. He just texted that he is still at work mot is. 10:47 pm and he was supposed to get off at 10:30. We were told two weeks ago that we were getting close to having the crepairs done but we still weren’t sure when!

I started packing up the den about two weeks ago. The contractor showed up in Saturday and said Wednesday would be the day. I called the insurance adjuster on yesterday and got the hotel set up. Thankfully the one hotel in town had room and takes pets. We spent the rest of this past weekend packing up all of the pictures on the walls and getting ready. We spent the entire day today packing and getting the house ready. We are getting new ceilings and a new floor in the den. Let’s just say I worked up a sweat and took two showers today. Sylvia and I made one trip with our things and then went back for the cats. 

Let’s just say rounding up four cats to put in four carriers was an interesting experience. We then load s them up and brought them to the hotel. Poor things they have been so scared. They are now a little more assimilated to the room. They have been eating and using the litter box. Ethan has finally fallen asleep. He can’t hear a thing when he removes his cochlear implant processors and I. Think he was worried I would leave. I assured him I would stay until his brother returns. 

Insurance is paying for the hotel and for most of the meals. That is a whole other story. The hotel provides breakfast so that helps. We just have to keep up with all of the receipts. Sylvia is good at that!! We went out to eat tonight and I had a doze margarita. It was so good. We even got two desserts. 

I am going to lie here and wait for Jack. Another long day tomorrow keeping my niece and nephew. Going to take them swimming and to the movies!! I’ll keep y’all posted. We could be here 4-7 days. 

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