One of our friends hosted a party at her house for me and Sylvia to celebrate our marriage. It was a pot luck dinner and we brought our own cake. We didn’t want anyone spending a lot of money, but we did want to celebrate. We took a white chocolate raspberry cake from Nothing Bundt Cake. There was a lot of other food and many of our friends came. We visited with our friends, sang some karaoke and then the host surprised us with champagne. Everyone had a glass of champagne and our friend toasted our marriage. It was very nice to have our friends to celebrate with. We then cut the bundt cake and even fed each other a piece of cake….again (we had actually done this one other time on the day of the wedding while at lunch). There were couples there who had been married for several years who gave us advice….another couple who was engaged. We could be a couple and be like everyone else while at this party. We even had a quick kiss in front of everyone! The champagne was really good and even made me a bit tipsy. We laughed and had fun for another few hours and then headed home. I feel so fortunate to have Sylvia in my life, but also to have oue friends who were there to celebrate our marriage!


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