I am a teacher, so I am off this summer. My sister-in-law asked if I could keep my niece and nephew two days a week. She works from home the other three day. My niece is almost 12 and my nephew is almost six. Ethan really enjoys his cousins, so I agreed! They were here this past Monday and we were out and about in the car. My niece brought up the snow cones that were on sale last Friday. I told her that we had not gone because Sylvia and I were busy getting married. I then said, “you know we got married, right?” She said, “oh yea, mom told me!” My nephew then said, “Are you a boy?” I said, “no”. He then said, “Is Sylvia a boy” and I said “no she is a girl too, like me”. As I looked in the rear view mirror I can see the look of shock on his face. He is only six years old, so his knowledge of homosexuality is probably pretty limited. Sylvia and I have been together since he was six months old, so he doesn’t remember a time she wasn’t around.

He then said, “Well you can’t do that”, meaning a girl marrying a girl. I explained that yes I could and that girls can marry girls and boys can marry boys. He didn’t say anything else and it was left at that. Later in the afternoon when my their mom came to pick them up, I told her the story. She thought it was cute and said “you rocked his world Aunt Maria”. I am sure as my nephew grows up, he will see that we should all be able to love who we love. He has never questioned why Sylvia lives with me or why I have given her a kiss before. I am sure there will be more questions, but that is how we teach the next generation how to love and accept all people.


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