I really didn’t know what to title this particular blog entry. Several titles came to mind “I have a wife”, “I have a wife and I am a wife”, “We are married”, and “The New wife”. I finally settled on “The Wedding” as you can see!

The boys drove down with us to the Justice of the Peace Office. My mother texted while we were driving that she was already there. We arrived and I texted to let her know we were there. The parking lot is pretty big and she had had to part a bit away from the entrance. We had gotten lucky with a close spot. I see my mom coming across the parking lot with flowers! She had picked some very pretty flowers from her yard and had a bouquet for each of us, but it could be just ONE bouquet if one of us didn’t want flowers. I decided to hold them when Sylvia said she didn’t want to hold the flowers. The judge was very nice and the ceremony went well. Sylvia actually teared up during the ceremony as I reached for her hand. The boys were quite excited too. We got pictures during the ceremony and of course afterwards! Both boys rode with my mom to the restaurant and we had a minute in the car to talk (and kiss). It was very nice! I was so excited we could share this day with my mom and the boys. Many in our family sent us congratulations on Facebook!

We then went to a nice Italian restaurant! The food was great and my mom surprised us with a cake. It was very pretty with flowers on top. It was on a plate that was decorated in silver with “Congratulations Maria and Sylvia”. We were both very touched! We ate our lunch then had some cake! We even fed each other a piece of cake!

We have spent most of the weekend calling each other “wife”. We didn’t go on a honeymoon, but we are saving for a trip to Europe in a few years. We are both very happy!


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