Sylvia and I had a serious discussion about getting married. Now, don’t misinterpret this to mean we have not planned on getting married….we decided several months ago we would get married this summer. I checked out the license information and a justice of the peace about a month ago. We are not planning to go down to get our license on Friday of this week. I will call the justice of the peace office tomorrow and make an appointment for us to get married. We are planning on 6/10/16….6+10=16! I know, I am a geek with numbers, but it works so we are going to get married on that day. There may be other geeks who have the same idea, so I am going to make us an appointment. One of our friends is going to host a party for us later in the month!

We plan on getting married around 11:00 or so and then going out to lunch to celebrate with the boys and my mom. I still need to check with my mom on that. I gave her the date though. I am SO excited. I think Sylvia is excited too, but she doesn’t always show it! She doesn’t seem as freaked out as she did a few months ago. We bought my ring and her necklace back in December (she doesn’t want a ring, she just doesn’t wear rings). I’ll let you all know how it goes!!!!

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