Sylvia arrived home and life is back to normal, except we are still waiting on repairs. The insurance check arrived on April 29th and I informed the contractor. We were 5th in line, but we have had RAIN and MORE RAIN. We were hoping to have the roof started by the end of this week, but now it looks like it will be next week. Guess what….we are expecting rain on Sunday that won’t stop for four days. YIKES. We get the buckets out when the rain starts and thankfully the leaks are minor. I check in with the contractor about once a week to just see where we are! The only thing that is good about having to wait, is Ethan and I should be out of school and it will be easier to be in a hotel for a few days. We won’t have to worry about getting up and getting to work and school.

Jack moved home on April 29th and graduated on May 6th from college. He went to a job interview yesterday and he hopes to hear something by tomorrow. He used Sylvia as a reference and they actually reached out and contacted her today. He is quite excited!! He plans on living with us until he gets some money saved and then decide what he wants to do. He would be working about 30 minutes from home, but it isn’t a bad drive. We are enjoying having him home and I think he is really enjoying the meals!! He is helping out with chores and being a good role model for Ethan.

It took Sylvia a few days to recover from her trip. The jet lag really wears her out. She seems to be getting back into the groove though. We are surviving the craziness of the house and the weather. We are a lot luckier than others who are can’t even live in their homes. We plan on going out with some friends in a few weeks and that will be fun.

I think that is all for now. I really hope the rain slows down and we can get that roof!!


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