We are still waiting for a check from the insurance company so we can start the repairs on the house. The news reported that 80% of the homes in my town have hail damage. There are blue tarps everywhere! As soon as we get the check from the adjuster we can pay the contractor to fix the roof. They are going to concentrate on fixing everyone’s roofs and then start on the inside. We will have to move out while they replace the ceilings…ALL of the ceilings. I was told today that there are NO hotel rooms to be found in our area. There are extra insurance adjusters in town as well as contractors taking up the hotel space. Of course, we still have to wait for the money, then the roof and THEN we can see what happens next. We have not had rain for several days, but it is in the forecast. I am doing pretty well with it all, but it would be easier if Sylvia were here. We did get to talk last night and again tonight. She sounds tired! She is having a hard time with the time change there. I am going to my mom’s for the day tomorrow and taking Ethan with me! We need a day out of the house! Cross your fingers we get that check soon!


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