Sylvia left for Europe yesterday afternoon. She will be gone for eight days. Her family is there and she goes to visit every 12-18 months. I miss her, but we have done this before and gotten through it. Ethan got himself off to school this morning all by himself. I made sure he was up dressed and fed. He just had to wait for the bus and lock the door as he left. He did a great job, but he and Sylvia have been practicing for a few days. The house is still a mess. I am waiting on a check from the insurance company so we can get repairs started. The main thing is to get the roof fixed, then we can the ceilings and everything else done. Sylvia isn’t upset about being away from this mess!! It is a controlled mess though. I’ll be counting the days until she returns. I always have trouble sleeping when she is away, but I get by. I am so glad we have texting apps that she and I can use to text during the day/night. She is seven hours ahead of me! We did get to talk on the phone tonight and it was nice! I am sure we will talk again tomorrow!


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