Sylvia and I are getting a bit more serious with our wedding plans. We went out with some friends this past weekend and we all discussed marriage. Of course, we discussed our upcoming wedding. We had not seen some of our friends for several months and many of them did not know we were getting married. Sylvia is not one to post this information on Facebook and I have refrained from posting information about our wedding out of respect for her wishes. Several of them asked for details and we said we were keeping it simple. One of our friends asked how we were going to dress! I have always teased Sylvia that I want her to wear a German style dress and while we were talking she mentioned that. She and another friend started looking at dresses online on their phones. The conversation then turned to what would I wear. Someone mentioned lederhosen, because they know I would never wear a dress (and they are right)! I am now looking at traditional men’s clothing worn in Germany. There are some really nice clothes, but I wonder if I will feel comfortable dressing in men’s clothes. Now, don’t get me wrong, I wear men’s jeans and I will buy men’s shirts if I like what I see. My biggest issue is I am not comfortable dressing up for any occasion. Once I pick out what I want to wear, I will post a pic from the website. We shall see what happens? We may just dump that idea and wear jeans and dress up as cowboys…we do live in Texas!


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