Sylvia and I are beginning to really plan our wedding. It will be simple and with a justice of the peace. I am going to actually call tomorrow and find out all the details. I think we have a date set. I really like numbers, I am a math nerd in that way. I was thinking I wanted a date that added up to 16 like 6/10/16 because 6+10=16. Sylvia liked the date of June 1st and suggested we used the European way of writing dates, which is day/month/year which would be 1/6/2016 (June 1, 2016) which would be 1/6/16, so duplicate numbers. I liked the idea, but we are not in Europe and most people won’t see that….but then I thought hmmmm, what about that date. If we wrote it month/day/year it would be 6/1/16 which means it would be the same forwards and backwards. I liked the idea and so I think we are going to go for that date. I will still be working but I can take a day off. Jack will be back home from college so no worries there. Ethan will still be in school, but I think I can talk to them and see if he can come in late or leave early. June 1st is also the day Sylvia “officially” moved in so all in all, it is a good date for us. I am also off of work the Friday before Memorial Day, so we could go and get the license that day. There is a three day waiting period here and I think that is OK for the three days, but I’ll have to check to be sure. We may have to get the license earlier, but not sure if weekend days count as days…I bet they do.

Once I get this all figured out with the Justice of the Peace, then we will have to decide what to WEAR! OH MY! That is a whole other discussion to have. Neither of us really likes to dress up much and neither of us wears dresses. My mother would have a heart attack if I were to dress in a men’s suit, but that is what I think I would prefer. I’ll keep you all posted!


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