I went out and purchased the movie Carol on Blu-Ray today. I had seen it back in December, but I wanted to see it again and not just rent it. I watched this afternoon and enjoyed it as much as I did the first time. Seeing it for the second time allowed me to notice some details I had missed before. At the end, after Carol tells Therese she loves her and the gentleman walks up, Carol puts her hand on Therese’s shoulder. She tells them both to have a good time. I had not noticed Therese’s facial expression and how she closed her eyes when Carol touched her. I think she was surprised at how she felt when Carol touched her shoulder. She had been strong and was putting on that she was over Carol, but she wasn’t. The scenes of them in the car together when they are travelling are also well done. I was also more aware of how they looked at each other during the whole movie.

Another interesting scene was when they went to dinner together at the restaurant in the hotel in Chicago. The hostess asked them how many were eating and Carol answered with “two”. The hostess then asked what room they were in and Therese said “room 602 Mrs. Adair”. Carol then winked at Therese. In doing this, it seemed to me, that Therese was making it seem like she worked for Carol, because she called her by her last name. Carol got what she was doing and winked at her. It wasn’t like they were officially “together” yet, but Therese knew that it may seem odd for two women to be traveling together and going to dinner. That is my take on it anyway.

The first time Carol and Therese kiss was an amazing scene. I noticed a bit more when watching it today. I am not going to go into details, but just how they looked at each other. It was amazing how they trusted each other. The touch on the shoulder and then Therese taking Carol’s hand while it was on her shoulder. They each took a chance, because one of them could have backed out and said they were not interested in the other. When Therese later went to sleep in the second bed when they were back in Chicago and Carol said she didn’t have to sleep there. At that point, it seemed like Therese really needed Carol. I know that feeling, because I felt and still feel that way about Sylvia. I remember her holding me and cuddling at night. I felt so safe and so loved, and still do. I was still new to identifying myself as a lesbian, and needed to be taken care of.

I also thought the conversation that Therese had with her then boyfriend was interesting. She knew there was something between her and Carol, but she wasn’t sure. I also wonder if the two women in the record store were lesbians. She noticed them and they noticed her. She knew that homosexuality was out in the world, but she had never experienced it, just heard about it. It was brave of her to just talk to her boyfriend about it. Of course, I think he was more invested in the relationship than she was, even before she met Carol.

I am sure there are some things I haven’t mentioned, but these were the scenes that stood out to me. These were the things I didn’t notice when I first watched it. It is an excellent love story and very well done.

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