Sylvia and I got to have a weekend to ourselves this past weekend. We drove to south Texas and dropped Ethan off at a camp for kids with special needs. He looks forward to this trip each year and so do we! It took us a bit longer to drive down this year. We took a detour when traffic on the interstate came to a standstill! We arrived at the camp and Ethan gathered up his stuff and left us in the dust. We followed behind him to check him in and get his medication into the camp medical staff. He checked himself in though and took his luggage to the correct area to be taken to his cabin. We spoke to the director after dropping off his medication. We gave him a quick hug and kiss then left. He was ready for us to be gone! It was really nice to see how independent he was and how comfortable he is there.

Sylvia and I then went out to eat and then headed to the hotel. We spent the next day shopping and eating! We have been there a few times before and had places that we wanted to visit and see what we could find! We ate out a café there that is SO good and has homemade pies. We then went and took a nap back at the hotel. We tried a new restaurant in the downtown area and we were glad we did! It was really good. We crashed pretty hard that night after a full day of shopping. We brought back a new fixture for the front yard and a few new t-shirts. We arrived at the camp around 10:30 the next morning. Ethan was happy to see us and show us his artwork. He sat with his group for the closing ceremony. We then ate lunch there and headed home. Thankfully the trip home went off with no problems and we made it in about 4 hours.

Jack was home all weekend to house sit for us. He was off for spring break this week. Ethan was on spring break too, so they hung out together. I had to work and my spring break started today! It has been amazing to watch both boys this week. They are four years apart in age and Ethan has always been immature, but he is starting to act more his age. He and Jack are actually “bonding”. Jack has always worried about his brother and how he would do, but they have been brothers and not really friends. I hope that makes sense. It seems like they are becoming more friends and have some things in common. It is an amazing thing to watch your children becoming young men!


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