It has been a busy few weeks, but not TOO busy. I am mystery shopping a bit on the weekends and sometimes after work during the week. I am also cooking and trying to clean more (I hate cleaning). Sylvia is staying very busy working, but we are trying to find time together. We had a bit of a argument last week, but things are good now. It happens. Ethan is doing well in school and Jack comes home every other weekend. Sylvia and I are taking Ethan to camp in a few weeks. We will drop him off at camp and have two nights to ourselves and one full day of shopping!! We like to browse more than buy, but her birthday is coming up so I will look for something on our trip. I am taking time to relax though and watch my shows. Sylvia and I are both walking and watching our calories. I have been walking over 10,000 steps a day! Work is going well and I am enjoying working with a diagnostician on some assessments. I have even done a few assessments on a few kids and written a report!

Just checking in with you all and letting you know life is good. I am busy, but not as busy as I was during grad school. In fact, Sylvia told me SHE is not used to be coming back to bed so early (9:00 pm) because I was usually working on school stuff and would stay out of the bedroom until at least 10:00 or so. She has had to get used to me not having school work at night!


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