The jewelry store called and my ring was ready! I went to pick it up and if fits! I am so excited. Sylvia and I haven’t really discussed dates much. We already have two anniversaries….the day we met in person and the day she moved in, so I guess now we will have a wedding date. It will more than likely be in the summer when we both have more time. We want a simple ceremony at the courthouse. The boys and my mom will be there. I will let my brother and sister know, but if they can’t make it then it is ok. I will give them plenty of notice. We don’t want anything big! We were discussing all of this last night when I mentioned our last names. What did she think? Would we each keep our own last name? We know of only one other gay couple who is married and one of them took the other’s last name. Sylvia and I are leaning towards keeping our own names, because we both work in specific fields and we are both known by those names. I have really considered taking her last name, but my brand new diploma from grad school has my current name. I would also like to keep the name my boys have. It is a name I have had for 22 years and it is what I am know by professionally. Neither one of us is offended by the others choice to keep our current names. I am just wondering what the trend is with same-sex couples. I know many women have chosen to hyphenate their married name or even keep their maiden name when marrying a man. It is custom for the woman to take the man’s name, but it isn’t required (At least I don’t think it is, am I wrong?) What are same sex couples doing in regards to names? Just curious. Please share!


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