Sylvia has come down with the cold that both the boys had about a week ago. I have even had a touch of this cold. However, I think Sylvia has gotten the worst of it. We have both been taking Mucinex and sucking on cough drops. The boys managed to fight off the cold and Sylvia is hoping to do the same. I am hoping my cold doesn’t get worse. I have a tickle in my throat now. Now, I will go to the doctor when I finally feel like I am at a point where it is no longer a cold and has become something worse. Sylvia has to almost be on death’s door to go into the doctor. Now I may be exaggerating a bit, but only a bit. I also have to be careful when I try to take care of her. If I hover too much she doesn’t like it. She is more into nurturing others rather than having others nurture her. I do love that she loves taking care of me, but wish she would let me take care of her more. Maybe it is in how I approach her when I try to take care of her. The good thing is, she has gotten better about how she tells me that I am hovering and that she is fine. I have just learned to ask her how she is and leave it at that. Now, if she obviously gets worse, I will put my foot down about her going to the doctor!!!


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