Sylvia texted me at work to let me know my ring was ready! I was so excited. I was at a workshop in another city and the jewelry store was actually on my way home. I arrived to pick it up and it was a bit too big. The ring had been a size 7 and when they measured my finger it was a 7.5. I also had a ring that was a 7.5 on that finger (an infinity ring I have worn for three years from James Avery). However, this ring is a bit thinner and was just coming off my finger too easily. They are now going to resize it to a 7.25. It should be ready in about two weeks. We are really in now hurry. We aren’t planning on wearing the ring and her wearing the necklace until we get married! I was so excited to get it though, but I think I can wait a few more weeks…I think! The next step is planning the wedding, which will be a simple one with a justice of the peace, but we still have to pick a date!!!

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