I am sure you have noticed that I have changed the theme to this blog. I decided it was time for a change!

Some other changes for this year–

1. Sylvia and I have each started a 30 day challenge. My two challenges are to walk for 20 minutes twice a day and my second challenge is to input my food intake into the MyFitnessPal app on my iPhone.
2. Sylvia and I want to get together with our friends more. We already have one night set up with another lesbian couple who live in the same town we live in. We are always telling our friends that we want to get together and then we don’t. Now that grad school is done, I have more time and so we are going to make more time for our friends.
3. I will be cooking more! Sylvia has cooked 99% of the dinner meals since November of 2014. Now that grad school is done, I will start cooking more. We sat down yesterday and looked at recipes and made a plan. She will still continue to cook too!
4. I am mystery shopping a bit more, but I am not going to mystery shop as much as I did before. Now that I am getting child support I don’t need the money as much!
5. OH and I guess I shouldn’t forget that Sylvia and I are planning on getting married! I’ll keep you all posted!

I am sure there will be other changes, because that is life!


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