sweet jesus

The first time I saw this picture about spooning I couldn’t stop laughing. I found Sylvia and showed it to her and she thought it was just as funny. I absolutely love cuddling with her, but she gives off enough body heat to warm a small city. This is true even in the 100 degree summers we have, when I just can’t cuddle with her for more than about 10 minutes, if that! We love the winter, because it is actually COLD and we can cuddle for longer, but even then I can only cuddle for so long. I swear there are times in the middle of the night, when she spoons up behind me that I think I see STEAM rise up between us. I sleep with one small sheet to cover me and she sleeps with a heavy duvet, so my body temp is generally lower than hers. There are some nights where it does get cold enough for me to be under the duvet with her, but at some point, I eventually throw that off. I am exaggerating a bit, but there is some truth to all of this. Since seeing the photo above, we now laugh when I say “Sweet Jesus, your body heat is going to melt me” or something like that. We laugh and tease and continue to cuddle for a bit, and then I eventually do have to say “Sweet Jesus, I mean it this time, I have to get out from under the covers and cool off a bit”, to which we laugh again. She never complains about me being too warm, UNTIL last night. We were both very tired last night from New Year’s Eve. I woke up around 1:00 to go to the bathroom and she also made a visit to the bathroom. When she returned I put my hand on her back! This is something we both do instead of cuddling, because we both know I can’t do the heat. Well about 2 minutes after I put my hand on her back she says, “Sweet Jesus, move your hand, I am melting.” Well, I had to laugh and so did she! We talked for a few minutes and laughed about how SHE now knows how I feel! We both thought it was crazy that it was just my hand that brought on this reaction from her. I am sure it will happen again, we are both close to menopause!

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