I went to see The Danish Girl by myself today. Sylvia really doesn’t like going to the movies, so I decided to go by myself. This is an excellent movie and the acting was superb. It was hard to watch at times, because of how the lead was treated by doctors. It gave me a great insight into the transgender world. I am going to go and see Carol later this week. It is showing only at a few theaters in our area. I have been “out” for five years now, but yet I am still intrigued by lesbian/gay/transgender movies. The feelings I have are so raw. I remember the feeling of being liberated when I started living my life for who I really was and not for how society wanted me to be. Even though I am not transgender, I can empathize with the main character, Einar, in The Danish Girl and how it feels to be who you are supposed to be. He was fortunate to have a wife who supported him and truly believed in him. It is well worth seeing.


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