Sylvia and I have been discussing marriage for the last month or so. We know we want to get married and so we decided that we wouldn’t wait for a proposal, but would just decide that we will get married. This took the a load off of both our minds. We are both a bit romantic, but neither of us really takes the lead in that department. I wanted to propose to her, but am also too shy and too anxious to actually follow through. We decided to go and look and jewelry yesterday and made our way to a well known retail jewelry store. Sylvia had basically laid down the rules before we left “we would shop around, we would not buy something just to buy it, and we would state we were just window shopping”. I agreed! Since we don’t have a date in mind for the wedding, we have plenty of time. We decided to get to the store early, since it was just two days before Christmas. We spoke to the sales woman and let her know we were looking for a matching ring and necklace. Sylvia doesn’t want to wear a ring just because she has never worn rings, and I accept that. When we told the sales person this, she confided in us that her mom is gay and doesn’t like rings either. When her mom married her partner she got a ring, but never wears it!

The sales person showed us several options, but Sylvia had seen a necklace she really liked. We showed it to the sales person and she found a ring that was similar to the design of the necklace. Both of them are based on the infinity symbol and both have diamonds. Now remember, I had gotten a lecture about window shopping and that we might not buy something while we were out. I looked at Sylvia and let her make the call. She really liked the necklace and I liked the ring, so we bought them! Now the ring needs to be resized so I won’t have it until January 4th, but that is no problem. The necklace is now in our lock box here at the house. I am very excited. This is definitely the next step towards marriage. The date doesn’t really matter to either of us. We want to be married by a justice of the peace and have both boys there with us. We may mention it to a few family members who we know may want to attend, but we are not going to have a large ceremony. I think it will be in the summer, since I am off all summer and that gives us more options as far as dates go. I looked online and the marriage license is valid for 90 days after it is issued and there is a 72 hour waiting period. I guess you can say we are officially engaged!


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