I have fallen for Adele!! Sylvia has her Annie Lennox and I have Adele! Of course, we both know that we don’t stand a chance with either of these women! I had a few of Adele’s songs downloaded on my iPhone, but when “Hello” came out I had to have it. I then watched her live show this past Monday and WOW she is an entertainer. I loved so many of her songs…some of them new and some of them off of her previous albums. Sweet Sylvia sat by the computer on Thursday and tried to get us tickets to her concert next year, but they sold out too quickly. Damn scalpers. I am amazed at how Adele can go from a ballad to something a bit closer to rock. I wouldn’t say it is truly rock, but the songs are not slow ballads either. Watching her onstage was amazing. I wish I could see her in person, but it is not to be. I’ll just have to have my crush from afar! At least I can watch the show on my DVR whenever I want and listen to her music in my car whenever I want!

I am going to take the boys and go see Star Wars this weekend, I have that at least!


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