Sylvia, Jack, Ethan and I all went to my mother’s house today for Thanksgiving. My brother was there with his wife and two kids, my niece who is 11 and my nephew who is 5. My sister was there with her son, who is 12. Most of us sat around and played 20 questions. Jack, who is 19, played the game with us and the other kids played a different board game. At some point the 12 year old went and got his laptop and was playing on it. My 11 year old niece was at the table watching us play and helping her mom! We finished playing and got out some cards that are conversation starters. The kids were able to participate. Some of the conversation starters were things like “what has been the most technological advancement in your life” or “what was your best vacation”. It was fun and it did generate conversations! One of the cards said, “what makes your family different” to which Jack pointed to Sylvia and said she is from Europe and mom is an American. I then mouthed to everyone, “well and we are lesbians” and chuckled. Jack then says OUTLOUD, “AND they are lesbians.” I just start laughing and then said, “well there you go, now it is officially out for the kids”. Everyone laughed. My sister looked at her son and said, “did you know?” and he replied “well I figured”. We then looked at my niece who is 11 and she smiled. I am not sure if she quite got it and I figured her mom could explain later! We have never made a big deal about it and I figured the kids would put it all together on their own. Poor Jack just turned red and said, “well it isn’t a big deal to me or my generation” and I agree! I wasn’t upset with him and neither were his two aunts. The conversation starter did what it was supposed to do….generated a good conversation!

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