I just looked and the last post I made was on September 6th, which is just over a month ago. Let’s just say I have been very busy since then. Jack is in his fourth semester of college and has come home a few times since the semester started. He likes his classes and will be graduating in May of 2016!! Ethan is a freshman this year and had a really good start to the year. He likes ROTC and Science the most. He had ONE day in which he had a total meltdown at school towards the end of the day. His case manager at the school and I met to discuss how to better support him at school. We came up with a plan and so far it is working! I am sure we will have some more bumps along the way, but he hasn’t had any more meltdowns!

Work has kept me very busy, along with graduate school. We have had several new students move into our area that need services. I have been able to get my hours for my internship. I am also facilitating IEP meetings, which can be a bit overwhelming, but so far I have gotten through it. I have a great group of people that I work with who have helped me figure things out. We are in the process of hiring some new staff and are currently looking for a new teacher. I am back in the classroom two days a week to assist with a new student and we have a permanent sub there the three other days. Graduate school started off with a bang with LOTS to do. I have kept busy and am now ahead in one class. I want to get ahead in the other class, but the professor has not posted all the quizzes yet. I read and do my best to stay ahead. I am SO glad I have stayed ahead though, because a horrible stomach bug kept me home for TWO days and I couldn’t do a thing. I then went back to work and had to play catch up there, so I didn’t even touch grad school work for four days last week.

I am taking my State exam for my diagnostician’s certification this coming week. I have been studying over the last few weeks and even bought a study program online. I have been practicing taking the test all weekend, and reviewing the answers I have gotten wrong. There is NO easy way to prepare for this test, and I can take it again if I need too. The practice test online is also to help me learn to take my time and really READ and understand the question. There can be lots of tricky words that they use and if you misread the question, you will more than likely get it wrong! Once I pass that, then I graduate in December and then I will be certified!!

Sylvia is working hard as always. She took very good care of me while I was sick. She got a touch of the stomach bug too, but not nearly as bad as I had it. She stayed home from work on Monday but was back at work by Tuesday. We went to my class reunion a few weeks ago. It was fun, but I really didn’t know too many people. I did see one or two friends and we got to chat for a while. We had almost 800 people in our class and about 200 showed up! My name badge had my senior picture on it….I felt old looking at it!

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