I officially go back to work on Aug. 17th, but I have a two day workshop next week. My district is going to have some teacher facilitate IEP meetings and I have been chosen as one of those teachers. I will attend a two day training on the computer program and on the paperwork for ARD meetings next week. I then have an IEP meeting on Friday for a student transferring into our district. I am going to get paid for these three things, so that will add a little bit to my paycheck!! I am looking forward to going back to work, but the HEAT has arrived here in Texas and I am not looking forward to driving around in the heat. Ethan and I are staying home as much as possible these days!! Sylvia’s schedule is changing some and she won’t have as many students, which is good because she will soon take over cooking again!

Ethan returns to school on August 24th and that will be the first day back for the students in my district. I won’t be in the classroom all day, but I may have two classes at the middle school if a student transfers in that we are expecting. My grad school classes start that day too! YIKES. I have already ordered a few books. This will be my last semester and I will graduate in December. I just have to get through my internship!! I will be out driving more this year and going from district to district to attend IEP meetings and such.

Ethan and I met with a few of his teachers and two principals yesterday. I just want to make sure his transition to high school goes well….YIKES again…high school. We shopped for school clothes last week which is pretty easy with standardized dress. We finished up shopping today buying white undershirts and underwear for him and some blouses for me! I picked up a few things for Jack as well! He is home this weekend! His summer semester finishes on Aug. 21st and his Fall semester starts on Aug. 31st so he won’t get much of a break.

I finished my summer grad school class this past weekend and made an A in the class. Overall it has been a good summer. I feel like I rested more than I have in past summers and spent more time with Sylvia and Ethan! I am looking forward to getting back to work, but I hope this heat breaks soon!

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