I had a severe case of vertigo back in March of this year. It happened over spring break. My eyes were darting back and forth and I could hardly walk. I didn’t even know what it was until I went to the doctor. He gave me some meds and a print out of some exercises to do. It took me two days to get over this case of vertigo. I had a mild case of vertigo right after school let out. I didn’t have as much dizziness, but I was very nauseated. I also had this fuzzy head feeling. I did the vertigo exercises to see if that would help and then I threw up. I spent most of the day in bed and felt better by the next day. Well today I had the fuzzy head feeling and my stomach was just off. I wasn’t quite nauseated, but I was. I did the exercises this afternoon and puked right after. I felt better, but still have the fuzzy head a bit even after laying down. I think I will be going to be early tonight.

I am expecting my period any day now, so I did some research on vertigo and the menstrual cycle. Turns out there is a link to vertigo and perimenopause (I am 48). Perimenopuase happens before you hit menopause. I even found a blog about it http://www.theperimenopauseblog.com/35-symptoms-of-perimenopause-dizziness-vertigo/comment-page-5/#comment-27763

I am hoping I feel better tomorrow. Sylvia has come home and is taking good care of me. She knows I will wake up hungry some time in the middle of the night since I haven’t really eaten much, so she has found me a snack to put by the bed. She also doesn’t want to take the chance that I wake her up in the middle of the night searching for food! I just hope I can sleep well and feel better!


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