I have just three more weeks and my summer is over. It has been a good summer for me and the family. We visited family in another state. Jack turns 19 this week and was home this last weekend for his birthday celebration with us! It wasn’t much, just dinner at a restaurant and a cake. I bought a new car and am already going to refinance it tomorrow….LONG story there, but I think I can get a better interest rate. Grad school started on July 7th and ends on August 3rd. All assignments are done except for the FINAL PROJECT and I am about half way through that. I have spent a lot of time with Ethan and really taken it easy! I cut down on the mystery shopping quite a bit and plan on cutting back even more when school starts. I will have my regular job, which is changing a bit this year as far as duties, and my internship as a diagnostician AND another class. I will be taking two grad school classes and will have some HUGE project to do to graduate. I also have to take the state exam to get certified as a diagnostician. Let’s just say that the Fall semester will be BUSY! I think I am up to the challenge though. Ethan goes back to school in four weeks and will be starting high school. YIKES. I hope the transition goes well. Sylvia is working hard, but we have taken a morning walk almost every morning. We have some time during the day together on some days and on other days she is working ALL day and into the evening. She even complimented me on the cooking, since I am doing more of it right now since I am not working. Overall, it has been a fairly restful summer with not too much stress! I think the last three weeks will be much of the same…I HOPE!

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