I was out of town last week when the Supreme Court decision was handed down legalizing same-sex marriage. Of course, I spent a lot of time checking out the social media and reading posts on Facebook. Ethan, my mom and I had driven to see my grandmother (my mom’s mom) and spend a few days with the family. She is 89 years old and I had not seen her in three years. I saw both positive and negative posts on Facebook and kept up with what was happening in Texas. On Saturday, my dad posted three things that I responded too. One post stated he supported Traditional Marriage, the second one stated that the Supreme court had made the wrong decision, and the third was that he missed the “old America” and wished she would return. I wrote a post on each of these stating that I planned to marry Sylvia sometime in the future, and I guessed he would not be attending and that he must only follow the doctrine he likes, since he divorced my mother and cheated on her. Another was that the Supreme Court made the right decision and that we ALL deserved to be treated equally. The post on missing the “old America” I responded with, “so I guess we should reinstate segregation, take the vote away from women, and stick disabled kids in the corner of the classroom and not teach them”. He hasn’t responded to any of my posts and I have not talked to him since the Supreme Court decision was announced.

Now, I love my father, but he is a racist and a bigot. I have told him that on the phone before when he told me “I accept you and Sylvia, but I don’t approve of the lifestyle”. I told him there were no “buts” when it came to loving someone. I am not sure what will happen from here. I am 48 years old and I would like to be treated with some respect and accepted for WHO I am. He has done a few other things that are just ridiculous when it some to me and Sylvia. I won’t be treated like a second class citizen by anyone, especially family. I am going to just wait and see when HE decides to call me about something and see how it plays out.


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