I am out of town visiting my grandmother and Sylvia is back at home.  We were talking this morning when the Supreme Court decision on same sex marriage came in.  We were both excited at the ruling. My grandmother and my mom then sat and watched the news for a while. 

I have also been checking to see how Texas would react. I was glad to see that Dallas county began issuing licenses immediately and waived the 72 hour waiting period. I was asked if Sylvia and I will marry. I do intend to ask her, but for now we will wait. We want to see how it will affect us financially. She works independently and files her own taxes. I have both boys to claim as dependents and medical expenses I can write off so we want to see how Federal income taxes would be affected. That may sound strange but we are “together” and don’t intend not to be. We will make it legal sometime in the next few years.  Plus it gives me time to plan a romantic way to ask her, unless she asks me first!!


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