Sylvia has been cooking dinner for us every night since November. I have cooked a few meals, but not many during this time. Between work, grad school and dealing with Ethan, I was just overwhelmed and Sylvia decided to take on the cooking all on her own. I don’t mind cooking, but it is not my favorite thing to do and I also am not big on trying new things. However, I am now home for the summer and grad school doesn’t start for a month so now I will be doing most of the cooking. I have been checking and the Kraft website looking for recipes. Sylvia has helped me choose a few to try this week and we went shopping to make sure we had everything we needed. I cooked my first meal tonight and it turned out really good. I got it off of the Kraft website and is called Mac and Cheese Skillet Lasagna. Sylvia is at work and will eat when she gets home. Tomorrow I will be making a chicken recipe with some sides!

I am also back on my diet, which is really just counting calories and keeping track of how much I eat. I am using my FitBit to track my walking and calories burned. Ethan and I went to the rec center and walked today. I also walked this morning so I reached my 10,000 steps easily today. I am planning on sticking to this over the summer and hoping it will carry over when I go back to work.

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